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  2. QC Pics

    Stop disagreeing with OP... just agree like he wants or it's considered mean and unwelcoming.
  3. Wanted Yellow rubber Breitling Strap

    https://m.dhgate.com/product/22mm-24mm-waterproof-diving-silicone-rubber/399291723.html#cpmfit-1-null#cpmfit-null-null These look ok, reviewers say they are good. Ask seller for some pics to be sure
  4. QC Pics

    This is the perfect opportunity for you to start your own watch forum with your own rules. Good luck.
  5. Wanted Yellow rubber Breitling Strap

    nothing on dh
  6. QC Pics

    @Coopdog I remember when I first joined here and I used to think that sometimes members here were being a bit harsh. But the longer I'm here, the more I see the same shit asked over and over again and 99% of the time it's easily answered with a quick search, which was how I got my answers to the simple questions. (Apart from posting pics which drove me fucking nuts for a while) No one is having a go at you personally, it's more that you have become part of a collective and the built up anger has compounded to a point where each time a question is asked that has been asked a million times before hand, the question asker feels the wrath of all the ignorance that has preceded him. That being said, I seem to fit in here as I kinda like that sorta thing Anyway, I hope you come to enjoy your time here as there is a wealth of knowledge to be had, and some really great people to talk to about this most addictive of hobbies, though first impressions can sour future endeavours
  7. QC Pics

    I've got the thickest skin... some even say it's stronger than ssteel
  8. Checking in, how’s everyone
  9. QC Pics

    Memogelc I think that would be hard because generally they write your order number on a piece of paper or something so you know it's not just a stock photo. Repguy, grow a thicker skin, I can bitch about whatever I want, it's the Internet. I got a sensible answer I'm satisfied with from pickled, who seems to be a good dude, and a bunch of random hate from people who could have just not posted. For a place that claims to be unruly you sure get upset easily
  10. Breitling superocean chrono

    Yep, heaps on the gate at decent prices.
  11. Breitling superocean chrono

    Dhgate maybe?
  12. Wanted Yellow rubber Breitling Strap. can anyone point me in the right direction Simon
  13. Hi guys does anyone have or can point me in the direction of a TD that can supply me with a rubber strap for my superocean chrono, I have tried TD but no luck finding one, thanks
  14. Dtime

    Fair enough. Thank you.
  15. Dtime

    @RepGuy Thanks for saying what I didn't have time to say/couldn't be fucked saying If you run for leader of anything, let me know and I'll vote for you
  16. Yesterday
  17. $140 PAM 249 Calif Dial

    Klink? Is this the Klink I think it is? I bow to thee
  18. $140 PAM 249 Calif Dial

    Tis why all the gen fora are so anti parnis they make many rep parts
  19. Dtime

    Wriggles isn't a mod, and even if he was, there isn't a requirement to automatically side with a moderator on issues, I just share the same general idea as him in this scenario. If you go to his original response, yes it was blunt, but it wasn't mean or uncalled for. For whatever reason, this led to the below comments, which I consider to be trollish, and childish if I'm being honest: The great thing is, your comments are entirely fine to post, but tantrums rarely go over well. Either way, you've gotten an answer from another member, so it appears all is good here despite the mean comments from other members.
  20. Nomos Ahoi Atlantik Datum

    That's a beaut Got a caseback photo?
  21. Dtime

    RepGuy,, 1. The parent company's name is all over their website... didn't have to "look it up" 2. I didn't ask anyone to agree with me on anything. When did I ask anyone to agree with me? 3. Asking about non-TDs. Let me explain how this came about. I was researching Chinese factories. This website came up and I was impressed with the site, the educational aspect, and it's offerings. My first instinct was to go to RWG and see if they were a TD. I did not see them listed. I searched RWG for their name and did not find anything. But then I thought, some of the TD's information is not always complete on here, maybe this was the website of an RWG TD. Or maybe, considering how big they appear, that they were at one time a TD and maybe fell out of favor. So what's a newb to do? I asked a question. My apologies. Won't make that mistake again. 4. Sorry I didn't know Wriggles was a moderator here. But I would like you to answer this... what helpful advice did Wriggles offer me? He and you made an assumption that I - like apparently every other newb - is searching for outside dealers because we want to do business with them. And then ruminated about why people come here and don't just take this forum's word for granted. Yet, in the past, you've had trusted dealers that are no longer trusted. I think this is a great forum but honestly, I simply asked a question. One person replied with a constructive comment. Thank you dadog13.
  22. Dtime

    See below for breakdown of aforementioned stupid shit: You literally say you were looking into dealers outside the forum. In fact, you were looking into outside dealers to the point you looked up their "parent company". True, you didn't break any forum rules, and nobody said otherwise. The thing is, this is the internet, so while I have to smile and deal with combative idiots at work because it pays the bills, I don't have to do so on here, and neither do any other members (unless you want to pay my current salary). Just because you didn't break the rules doesn't mean people have to agree with you. Do you know how many new members ask about an untrusted dealer, and then backtrack when told why that's not a good idea? "Oh, I wasn't going to use them RepGuy, I just spent all this energy checking them out for shits and giggles" (Sure you weren't) Do you realize what a forum is for? If you want heavily moderated boards, go to ChristianMingle or something similar. If you don't like what other people say, it may be time to take a break from the internet for a while, because people can be mean (gasp!). I sincerely hope I answered your original question about what stupid shit you posted, as I'm sure many others feel the same way. Also, welcome to the forum
  23. New week wrist check w/c 16/10/2017

    Another day, another box queen sees daylight after ages........
  24. Dtime

    Show me exactly what I asked in the OP that was "stupid shit"? I'd really like to know.
  25. Dtime

    If you 'get it' then you would get it, but you don't... I was a Newb myself not so long ago and not once did I get treated badly. Only idiots who say/ask stupid shit get bashed, but hey buddy, that's kinda a 'rule' of the Internet. Also im just commenting so I get the notifications, cos I like a good laugh
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