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  2. New week wristcheck 14th August 2017

    bright day Breitling
  3. Ap quartz movement

    I had a quartz one for a while and was very impressed with the quality for the price!
  4. Is it okay to buy this for me? Miyota 8215 and eta 2824 copy movement, but it seems to be good for price? http://www.theonewatches.ru/index.php?route=product/product&path=465&product_id=4874
  5. Ap quartz movement

  6. hulk v7 paint got scratched

    Repainting is not a option, you need a new dial
  7. Not sure if I've posted a pic of the silver dial variant, so here goes.......... This is an Enicar Exquisite................enjoy !!
  8. Today
  9. New week wristcheck 14th August 2017

    Loving this combo at the moment
  10. @RussP : I love the look of this watch, great find! I also "need" one, but I can't find a name or a reference of this particular model. Can you please help me out? Oh, and that Bulova Super Seville you got...lovely, just lovely!
  11. Rolex Loose Clasp Fix

    C'est ça
  12. Rolex Loose Clasp Fix

    Exactly, so if he's finding it hard to bend the "right" side outward, he can try bend the "left" side inward for the same effect.
  13. New week wristcheck 14th August 2017

    Switched this beauty onto Lizard for comfort.....................................
  14. Rolex Loose Clasp Fix

    It doesn't really matter which 'arm' of the clasp you alter as it's the actual change in overall relative length between 'hinge' and 'catch' that increases/decreases the strength of closure
  15. Just got a sea dweller dial from Toro for$35 plus$15 postage, after mine reacted with the Matt lacquer I had put on
  16. "Watching" time fly by in California

    Nice to see the forum back online
  17. hulk v7 paint got scratched

    Ouch! How did that happen? Ask the td's to source you a dial
  18. do you know where i can get a dial replacement or can anyone in the forum do a customized job for this? than you
  19. Ahh, yes. My eyes aren't what they used to be... Unfortunately, I think a dial replacement may be your only choice.
  20. Ap quartz movement

    How's the sweep on a quartz piece?
  21. the paint on the lower right corner of dial. its scratched you can see the metal part instead of the green sunburst dial color
  22. New week wristcheck 14th August 2017

    WHERE O WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS? I am truly intrigued! dave
  23. Rolex Glidelock Slides

    Pretty decent ones are a click away on Etsy. Good luck figuring it out if you haven't already:)
  24. New week wristcheck 14th August 2017

    Happy HUMPDAY!! Today's ride: BELL & ROSS BR 01-92 secured, I believe, from The 'Gate, but I can't be too sure of that. Large (46mm) automatic with incorrectly placed/positioned date window. Still, I don't care (See: "99.9% Rule.") dave:
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