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  2. Waterproofness of my pf 5711

  3. Black Friday Sales

    Very good deal on the black Bulova Moon watch for US members. They give you 10$ additional discount with the code: 10OFFJTW https://www.jacobtime.com/Bulova-Special-Edition-Lunar-Pilot-Chronograph-Leather-Mens-Watch-98A186-p-50120.html
  4. New Week Wrist Check 20th November 2017

    The VC Overseas again.
  5. Waterproofness of my pf 5711

    There was a chap on here who dropped his reps in a glass of water. Can’t remember who it was. Try that...
  6. Waterproofness of my pf 5711

    That will work, watch might not though
  7. Nimbus

    Oddly enough, we do already have a T.W.A.T scale....! That one is reserved for "experienced" posters making a bit of a tool of themselves... But yes, a #1 on the T.N.S from what we've seen so far. Welcome to the nuthouse!!! Oh, and pics of some of the stuff you have would be champion.
  8. Today
  9. You could always refuse to pay,tell them the goods are of a value below your countries import taxation threshold as stated on the customs declaration. Then proceed to show them the invoice for the goods, and the goods, thus proving in fact you shouldn’t be charged this ludicrously high import fee......... let us know how you get on with that please
  10. Nimbus

    Very funny. Did not realise Noobs are scored! How about T. The W. Watch A. Accumulatiom T. Threat S. Scale !!
  11. UK Customs will also impound if an item appears to have been deliberately undervalued to avoid import duties. Happened to my wife importing beauty products from the States - she had to produce credit card statements to pay the correct amount of duty and get the goods released. I can see where this might get you if Customs think the contents of a parcel looks like a gen watch worth more than they earn in a year. And of course, they may be perverse, knowing full well it's a rep but value as the real thing!!!!!
  12. Black Friday Sales

    Managed to pick up 2 straps from Martu, 7 from Cheap Natos and one other for $130. Can’t complain. Best deal imo is the 20% off at rakuten. JDM seiko s amd oris qualify. Even a couple of ball watches for under $700. If I hadn’t dropped 2k on a dog followed by another 2k on a gen I’d be all over that.
  13. It's normally just the handling fees and duty on 'x' amount stated
  14. It's only $3.88 in duty/tax the other $14.75 is in courier fees, basically what they charge to rape you. Some couriers (not 100% sure which off the top of my head but I think maybe DHL is one of them) will let you set up an account so you can pay the taxes and fees by direct debit and doing this means you get a cheaper price for the fees
  15. Apart from the unholy alliance between couriers and customs other considerations are poorly declared contents and value and the fact that the darling couriers roll up their pricey charges into the customs value of the the goods within
  16. I may have a problem......

    Your not heavy on watches just lite on preparedness just remember the 6 "P" Principle And get y'self a couple of cabinets Something like this with "C" stands instead of toy soldiers:
  17. Waterproofness of my pf 5711

    For the uninitiated - how is the testing done? When I want to test if somethings water proof/resistant I put it in water That might not work in this case.
  18. Black Friday Sales

    Mis-priced I think.... $5 leather nato? https://natostrapco.com/collections/all-watch-straps/products/the-black-nato-strap-w-polished-hardware-stitched-24mm
  19. Black Friday Sales

  20. Waterproofness of my pf 5711

    He keeps them in cryovac sealed bags
  21. Waterproofness of my pf 5711

    How? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Waterproofness of my pf 5711

    All my reps are waterproof
  23. Waterproofness of my pf 5711

    You don't grease tap washers.
  24. 11:11 Sale. What did you buy?

    Got one of those straps coming mate, hopefully good.
  25. I may have a problem......

    I mean I’ll be happy to take some of those...
  26. Can anyone help identify this movement please?

    21j movement. DG2813 clone
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