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  1. Sorry I missed out on this. I don't travel outside 'Off Topic', kinda surprised it's in 'General Discussion' ? Anyhoo Dal linked it today in 'Off Topic'. Beau geste gents! Neil would have been so pleased. Well done! <if anyone ever mentions I posted in 'General Discussion'? I will adamantly deny it! >
  2. Lord. I got as far as the first sentence; "The first thing to know is that a real Rolex will have a smoothly sweeping second hand. If it's ticking, then the watch is counterfeit." This bullshit has gotten legs with the so called 'experts', to the point these 'experts' see the eight beats/sec of my gen. and call it out as 'fake'. Ironically, I think the only wrist watch that doesn't 'beat' at all is a quartz drive? Gen Rolex TrueBeat mechanicals beat at one second intervals? Whatevs............. I couldn't bring myself to read further, but, I'm sure by the 'expert' criteria of 'tells' all our TD's obviously, only, sell gens. Sigh.................................
  3. Dr. Strange has a hellified collection

    Nice watch! No 'Vache Tour but it will certainly do! <edit> This is most definitely 'On Topic'. Blue Meanies? You know what to do!
  4. Recent Nero Straps

    Fuck. These are nice. Who knew? Happy birthday.
  5. This is the very first GD thread I've read, ever, on this incarnation of RWG. And why it affirms, I only contribute in 'Off Topic'. You guys are a bunch of arrogant arse holes to the noobs. Keep up the good work.
  6. My First!

    This is in 'Off Topic' why? Mods please move to the more appropriate "Testing Forum". TIA
  7. Greatings From Argentina

    Don't cry for me. Argentina. Welcome to the nutter house. RUN!
  8. Where is this magical country Isreal of which you all speak? I'm with Frank. When it stops, throw it down in a poker game. My longest lasting replica is eight years old. 2836 Sub that ran fast for the first four years, hit it's stride COSC in '08 and now it is slowing down. If I get a decade out of this thing? Winning. Big. Most dealers do what these days? Offer an inferred warranty for 60-90 days for a chronometer? If you make it past that mark with a Swiss ETA movement you're gold. Do they even do Swiss ETA anymore in replica watches? Complications are the Sirens who would take down Ulysses. *AVOID*
  9. What? Have 'Baldrick' call 'Luthier' an 'idiot'? How is that any better? And I'm with PSOC, that 'Wayne Newton wardrobe' line is worthy.
  10. Might as well tag it 'Contensious Thread' now and get it over with...........in 'General Discussion', love it. OT; Eterna-Matic KonTiki Super! Hell yes! Brilliant! Vintage 1970's. Replete with ETA 2824 per gen. Good post! The general malaise of 'replica' has kept me out of GD for years..................
  11. You need to drink harder. If that's possible.
  12. *bump* Because I'm trying to bring up my 'General Discussion' post percentage.