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  1. Strap or No Strap? Omega Chronograph

    The 'trick' with the strap fit is usually to 'mount' it to the case lugs @ 90degrees to the watch (strap trailing down and away from the face) Then supporting the spring bar between thumb n forefinger rotate into place. But with that one you'd be better with the bracelet as it seems to be seeping dye all over your wrist
  2. #2's tolerable Sorry but the others need 'ammo boot' heel stomping
  3. NUKED

    Sell a 'drink on a stick' Lange to acquire a 'gawd-awful' Rolex .... Wait for this come down from whatever lysergics you've been ingesting to abate and normal consciousness to resume Or embark on another 'trip' and sell me the Lange
  4. Alpina watches

    You realise this is a Replica watch forum?
  5. Where can i buy good replica of Rolex

    There's a hidden winner in all this Billy Goat Gruff He gets to cross that bridge without a care in the world while this goes on
  6. Fkn eBay / PayPal drama

    So, in short, you're saying you're full of it?
  7. Fkn eBay / PayPal drama

    You're probably over-fretting re a $5 'refund' True the philanthropic friend should have done a PayPal Gift but what the heck But then again I suppose he could turn vengeful and claim the CD of Chinese marching songs you sold him turned out to be full of Kiddie Porn
  8. Shenzhen, China

    Train north to Guangzhou Then here always used to be good
  9. Part-Time Movement

    Cracked jewel most likely
  10. Look What I Got for $1500

    I'm having the greatest trouble trying to understand how the above can combine
  11. Not a PN in my opinion

    Why when as it stands it's pulling down bids of 8K+
  12. Not a PN in my opinion

    As I understand it Unless you are the rights holder to the brand in question FeeBay are under no obligation to interfere with an auction just cos you say so
  13. 20% off everything at H Samuels today

    555 From H Samuel thats a larf
  14. Video of China mall with watches

    These vids are mere mental chewing gum for puerile people "ooooh see how they run when I play my trump card and speak politely to them in Chinese" Believe me, you can have infinitely more fun with them than that