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  1. Jeweller refused to pressure test

    I fear your approach was lacking in that, your opening gambit should have been "have you a pressure testing machine?" the rest would have been easier. Being a mall based 'smith' likely the sum total of kit would be a few screwdrivers, caseback openers, springbars, straps & batteries. Far easier to tell you that line of BS she did than to put her hands up and declare not having the equipment/expertise necessary.
  2. I really worry about some members.

    Yup Been there
  3. Omega PO bezel not centered

    +1 for GS Hypo cement And the one eyed business...go extra anal and use only your 'master' eye To find out which that is, point at an object with both eyes open (or point at the mooted bezel pearl with say a cocktail stick or suchlike with both eyes open) Then without moving anything, alternately close one eye then the other. One will show the object and finger/cocktail stick in alignment (the MASTER Eye), the other eye will show the alignment markedly off.
  4. Rolex reps made with 904L steel

    Yup As the bandit Calvera put it "If God did not want them sheared, He would not have made them sheep"
  5. Rolex reps made with 904L steel

    Only if you're usage of the epithet 'huge' is being applied with the same perverse imagination as the populist American usage of 'awesome' for just about anything that's not quite mundane or borderline boring
  6. I really worry about some members.

    I have a pretty robust 'single pass' one
  7. I really worry about some members.

    Yes Ive just travelled East and dealt with this 'un from two continents: "Received watch but major problem - crown won't come out and it's not the right time!" "You do appreciate that it's a Rolex Submariner, & as per the genuine the crown needs to be unscrewed" "Now it's broken and keeps stopping" " It is an automatic movement (its winds itself with movement) wind it now with the crown and see the problem disappear" " Now I can hear a noise inside it" "That'll be the rotor (that turns and does the winding)" The trick that long experience teaches is keeping your wrists covered and no razor blades within easy reach
  8. I really worry about some members.

    Remember the wise old saying "I asked for customers, and some fool sent me people!" .
  9. Rolex Loose Clasp Fix

    C'est ça
  10. Rolex Loose Clasp Fix

    It doesn't really matter which 'arm' of the clasp you alter as it's the actual change in overall relative length between 'hinge' and 'catch' that increases/decreases the strength of closure
  11. Or the joyful hours you can spend explaining Newtons First Law of Motion to the slack jawed masses who would have you believe things 'just fell off'
  12. Another aspect ignored here is open it and kiss goodbye to any warranty Wish I had a tenner for every 'its just stopped mister' that I've endured over the years. Only to be told later by my watchsmith of the various endeavours of Vlad the Impaler that had been carried out inside of them. I don't suppose the same 'what harm could it do' attitude would engender anything but a guided tour of the way out at the car dealership. After whinging about the errant transmission - under warranty - on your new ride, and in passing explaining that you opened the gearbox for a look-see but put it all back OK (after all you do have a shiny new socket set that wifey gave you for Christmas)
  13. Rolex Loose Clasp Fix

    Yes, don't try and go all "Uri Geller" on it