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  1. But you can only keep 3!

    Another "mental eunuch seeks solace from similar others" Lonely hearts ad
  2. Not according to The Telegraph
  3. Glashutte Senator Sixties - belated review

    Senator Sixties seconds and hour hands bend to follow the contour of the dial edge https://www.glashuette-original.com/collection/vintage/sixties/1-39-52-06-02-04
  4. Horological gump magnets you won't stop gumps getting drawn to them
  5. Tag link ladies quartz dead

    This doesn't bode well. $25... they saw you coming
  6. return seized by chinese customs id required.

    Mmm Why don't you reach some sort of compromise with the seller My first instinct was 'for Gods sake fill in the template form and be done with it' But Getting back this possessed watch achieves what in the long run? If you're happy continuing with the TD as you say you are, cant you thrash out some credit against your next purchase or something .
  7. return seized by chinese customs id required.

    Or that you posted it
  8. Breguet Tradition 7057

  9. return seized by chinese customs id required.

    Unless you are planning your next vacation in China, whats your worry? At the wildest stretch of the imagination what they gonna do (especially as Charlie Chan has retired)? send it back with a "this contains a fake" sticker ?! and in any eventuality why couldn't you play the "I sent a: (gen / hundred dollar bill / gold bracelet / whatever) and those Chinese barstards switched it for this lousy watch...where do I claim?" card & see if you can sort anything about your inappropriate forum name
  10. Tag link ladies quartz dead

    Pardon if I'm stating the obvious But Have you 'de hacked' the movement by putting the crown back in from the setting (hacked) position shown in your photos?
  11. Breguet Tradition 7057

    Methinks this:
  12. Breguet Tradition 7057

    Damned civilised watch Doubtless, someone will be along to tell you you could have got a spiffing Seiko for that money
  13. Farer watches

    Nonsense Yet another shower of wannabees seeking that mythical of creatures a fool with money. BTW get onto the 'watch rolls', a snip at what it'd cost me to reupholster one of my vehicles in a different leather and a big BTW this is a REPLICA watch forum, why oh why do we descend into this perpetual discourse about BS bottom rung 'gens' which will never be repped or have any place in the horological world other than their potential as ill-conceived affordable birthday presents from dopey relatives for gumps that deserve no better.
  14. HELP!! Broken clasp thingy

    You are missing the other piece that the post is compressed into that sits on the other side of the hole it anchors in. They are in effect a rivet, you won't reaffix even if you find it (they're a bitch, basically one hit to drive them together, balls it up and its move on to set # 2 etc etc). or you could just rub some of that cream on it