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  1. Whole 'nother level to da' hobby

    Yup, $175 actually.
  2. Really this is turning into an addiction. The re-issue Timex Marlin really fucked me up. I'd really run to the end of my "want-train" on reps. Nothing out there that really appealed to me. Then I bought the Timex Marlin. Since then I've bought nearly 40 vintage hand-winders and HMT redials. At $10 to $30 it's like reaching into a fucking candy bowl of sweet goodness. Now I discovered a Japan-market-only Timex offering.......the Midget. This cost me 8 hours of web-searching and finally found a backdoor way to get these to the states. After "tricking" the Rakuten system to accept my order I began a 3 day dialog with a Japan-based seller. Really great service and communication, explaining that they've never had a US buyer before but they were determined to ensure I was a happy customer. Not for everybody at only 38mm, it's based on an Ingersoll pocket watch that was converted to a wristwatch for service in WWI. RedWing convertible leather strap, crown enabled indiglo light..........I ordered both colors.
  3. Massdrop: $149 Seiko SRPB

    Yup, that one's in my future.
  4. Favorite Micro Brand

    Don't know if all of these count but I do like; Sharkey, Vratislavia and Helgray.
  5. Damn you Timex Marlin!

    Added 2 more Timex hand-winders this morning. Looking for some vintage packaging now for gifting.
  6. Nixon Exactly with gulf racing nato. My gulf racing homage since I don't have $5K laying around.
  7. Damn you Timex Marlin!

    I has all the vintage watches........bwahahahahahah. Seriously need to stop. LOL
  8. Damn you Timex Marlin!

    Absolutely can't argue with that logic. Agreed. The Marlin was a WTH purchase. Then it arrived and I fell in love. It's absolutely the smallest watch I've ever worn but has more presence than a 47mm Panaerai. Alright, that might be hyperbole, but it changed the way I thought about this style of watch.
  9. Damn you Timex Marlin!

    All for around $30 apiece. Suspect that vintage Timex watches, especially hand-winders are going to start moving up.
  10. Timex reissued their Marlin hand winder. I picked one up from Todd Snyder for $156 after coupons. This watch is already sold out worldwide and the prices have gone as high as $539 on eBay. I'm so smitten with this damned thing that I went out and bought 5 more vintage Timexes. What a hobby!
  11. Fkn eBay / PayPal drama

    Hmm......imported shit. It must be good.
  12. Fkn eBay / PayPal drama

    His friend sent me money claiming I sold him something. I refunded that and told him not to do that again. I know the next step would be to file a claim against me on PayPal. I've already asked eBay to get involved.
  13. Tried to buy a Sinobi diver off eBay for $24.99. I figured WTH I'll give it a go. After 7 days the China-based seller told me the watch was declined by me and returned. I told him that was highly unlikely that a watch made it to me in the US from China and back in 7 days. He's since been promising me a refund for 20 days. Finally escalated this to eBay and then he sends me $21 saying that's all he has. Strange. He also asked me to drop the claim. Now I get this followed by a bunch of emails from people in China claiming to be his friend. Ive bought 200+ replicas and never had an issue. I buy a $25 Sinobi and I get this drama? dear friend, i am ebay seller goldenlale. juse see the picture, this is my paypal,Because Hublots company sued me for infringement, my PayPal was frozen. I only can refund you $ 21, this is paypal transcation id :9LX78657GY4368562105. please check your paypal, and i will let my friend refund you $5, can you close the case?? waiting for your reply.