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  1. I'm trying to do just that, nothing changed.......
  2. Nothing changed I see.
  3. Problems with clone 2836-2

    Thanks CM, it's a clone of a clone. The date also doesn't flip at 12 but moves slowly from 11:40 to 12:00. Good info in the link.
  4. Problems with clone 2836-2

    So the clone 2836-2 I've got, could be a rep of a clone 2836-2. What's the difference? Quality? Thanks Monkey, I will take it to a watch smith I guess after I've taken a look at the balance, maybe there's just something that's loose.
  5. Problems with clone 2836-2

    Uhm.... Yeah, it's not a Swiss.
  6. A tail of two TDs

    Wiggle wiggle!
  7. Hey guys I've got a weird problem with my SOSF with a clone 2836-2. It use to run with in COSC specs. not even -1 sec. a day. But now, after it sat in the box for about a week and a half, it keeps loosing time but only on the wrist. It keeps time for a couple of hours but then suddenly looses 5 minutes in a hour (I can't say exactly cos it's really random) The strange thing is, when I keep it in the box and wind it manually it keeps great time, I've tried this for 2 days. Does anybody know what could be the problem ??
  8. My latest, 16610LV

    Sicko? Why, no anallube involved bro. Sent from.... Bla bla bla
  9. Lovely, wear it in good health. And don't get any scratches on it fighting of these women. Sent from.... Bla bla bla
  10. My sticky ball arrived...

    Are these REP stickyballs?? Sent from.... Bla bla bla
  11. My latest, 16610LV

    Yesterday at work, the phone rings. It's my (filled with pregnancy hormones) wife. Conversation went something like this: Misses Ron: Did you order one of those stupid watches again? Why? Why? You don't NEED these things. You shouldn't spend your money on these stupid fake watches!!! Those of you who have kids now who women can (over)react when they're pregnant I guess. So.... I had to think fast, I had to come up with the perfect answer, my mind shifted in to "near light speed" thinking. And then, before she had even finished her sentence, I had it. Me: Babe, damned you shouldn't have found the watch. Yes I ordered one, again. But, it's a present, for you, because your pregnant and I don't buy you something often enough to show how much I love you and how happy I am that we are together and having another baby. Then: Silence followed by a faint, high pitched sound...... She was crying. Misses Ron: Oh baby, thank you thank you thank you. I love you so much. And by the way, I spoiled myself by buying 150$ worth of lotions. *hangs up the phone* You can say I was happy with the first part of her reaction, but, c'mon 150$ worth of lotions? So now I'm out of a Sub LV this is probably the last day I'm wearing this. And this has to be me most expensive BJ I've ever had. A dirty iPhone pic. Don't now from what maker but its a 2836 clone, hollow midlinks clean rehaut. Sent from.... Bla bla bla
  12. New Week Wrist Check w/c 2nd Sept 2013

    My latest Sent from.... Bla bla bla My latest Sent from.... Bla bla bla
  13. How can you test to 10bar when the pressure differential between vacuum and atmospheric pressure is only 1bar???? Sent from.... Bla bla bla
  14. Ace Hood? Sent from.... Bla bla bla
  15. Advice on next purchase

    Gaytona.. Noted, but I don't think he can pul of the diamonds, we're not that rich. Sent from.... Bla bla bla