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  1. Breitling Emergency

    PM me if you have one to sell
  2. DLC Yellow Avenger Seawolf II

    have owned 3 of those: black, grey and yellow.... They are undeniably top heavy....
  3. V7 116610 running faster and faster

    just bought one of those on Amazon.... they sucked me into their free trial of Prime.... used it to get free overnight shipping.... but i got real nervous and cancelled the "Prime" thing minutes after the purchase... i hope they dont charge $80 to my CC and I hope this gizmo works cause my Deepsea gains almost 50 seconds a day! if not more....yikes
  4. V7 116610 running faster and faster

    wow.... this magnitization crap really makes this watch hobby less fun... I mean really.... Nowadays, everything is with a magnet....its enough to make you scream or just give up the watch hobby Here is a typical day for me (and many others): I have to note that I am cursed as I am LEFT HANDED I get out of bed for work I put on a watch I clean up my face with the electric shaver I warm up a muffin in the microwave, push the buttons and insert my hand inside to take the muffin out (with left hand) I get in car and get to work (school teacher) I spend a few hours on the computer (marks, printing out work sheets,etc) Stand besides the photocopier a few times a day I use an electric sharpener many times during my work hours for pencils I put on some background music in the classroom and the speakers are near my desk (not too close,really) I end the work day I go home and start my second job (cartoonist) I sharpen many pencils (colour, graphite,etc) all night long while the watch is still on the wrist I have a laptop in front of me, on my work table and I cruise the forums (Repgeek and Google,etc) Is that enough exposing the damn watch or what? And I am not an electrician!!!
  5. nice to see your expert threads back ol' Tor
  6. yeah... not impressed... I can just imagine a group a rich computer nerds, grinning as they witness the shit storm they created.,,, I wonder if its part of their plan to quit on that site, anyways....so they dont care.... or are they that greedy for real?
  7. Review of ROLEX Day-Date "President"

    the magic of By-Tor back in action again :thumbsup:
  8. beautiful work.... you sir, are skilled. and now, what about that big crown Sub??? :suck:
  9. 5512 Oyster Band Pin Broken. Fix or Replace ?

    super easy fix for a watchsmiths while your concern is legit, its also very cute....
  10. but if you look closer, you notice that the 12 marker is also crooked on the generic photo!
  11. Is this marker crooked?

    all of you guys are right... and yes....i need to get out more in the worst way!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Is this marker crooked?

    figured it out, thanx
  13. Beautiful Movements

    some Omega reps like the Tresor and the Speedmaster 57 (i know, its got fake pllates) , I remember some LeCoultre reps with display backs are quite nice.... I think I saw a nice Breguet rep last week, with a nice engraved movement... Of course the genuine of the above mentioned are what we need to consider
  14. customs issue

    I hate Canada... we like to think we're great here.... I guess you need to believe that to live here....
  15. Picked up a few German pieces.

    oh yes...that is a beauty congrats