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  1. Nah just a regular iphone 6 Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  2. Thanks guys! Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  3. Thanks pal Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  4. Lately I am growing into some others brands which not realy caught my attention in the past. Is it the age perhaps?[emoji57] A good friend of mine has a tourby Franck Muller and I started to love the modell more and more. Once I saw Trusty (Andrew) launched the Casablanca I had to order one. 3 days shipping from The far east to the netherlands WOW!... Now that's rocket fast. Regarding the communication with Andrew... also smooth and fast as always. I saw the specs and I knew it had to be a special watch. Great time to buy reps, they are getting better and better by details and quality. Back to the watch. The FM wears extremely comfortable, probably due to the shape of the case and size. Also it is a great everyday watch. Many people don't know the brand to well so it is a nice starter in conversations sofar. The winding is very smooth and the watch keeps great time sofar. The crystal is just simply AMAZING!!! They claim the Sapphire glass crystal grade on the watch is swiss high grade Level 10! I think my pictures will tell they are probably right and it is top quality. I also love the way how the dial pops out depending on the light angle. The Dial Guilloche effect and also the layers of the coating & applied wordings seems to be 1:1 same to the manufacture standards of the real deal. The caseback is also made with great eye on details. I will also add some pics Andrew posted earlier with the Rep compared to the Gen Specs from Trusty (http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=25_183&products_id=17936) MOVEMENT: Asia 2824-2 Automatic (28,800bph) with Decorated Rotor CASE DIAMETER: 39.5mm X 55.3mm THICKNESS: 14mm DIAL COLOR: White Guilloche Dial with Black Applied Numerals (Process used is same technique as Genuine with special coatings applied to surface of dial after the dial engraving is done & then dial numerals is painted on top) CASE MATERIAL: Solid Stainless Steel 316F (Caseback is specially CNC machined for every piece to ensure no gaps when we fit in the case) BRACELET: Black Croc Print Calf Leather Strap with Tang Buckle (Buckle is copied 1:1 like genuine with insignia on the underside) FRONT GLASS: Sapphire Crystal, Same Swiss Grade Quality Sapphire which is a grade better than the usual sapphire glass used. Installation of the Sapphire Glass uses same techniques as Genuine watch CASE BACK: Solid case back with detailed engraving BEZEL: Solid Stainless Steel Bezel HACK MOVEMENT: CLASP TYPE: Tang Buckle DATE INDICATOR: OTHER REMARKS: Waterproofed to 30m direct from Factory Hope you will enjoy my pics! And for the nitpickers along us, some Rep (left) vs. Gen shots. Does it get any better...i am impressed! Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  5. Thanx pal Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  6. Hi Guys, Rarely posting nowadays due to a busy private life but... still here though and still buying a watch every now and then. Kudos to Andrew for the quick deliverey and rocketfast communication as always. Recenlty I purchased the new 2017 Sea Dweller from Andrew. A previous version from another factory was launched already but i knew this BP version was on his way. Finally it's here. The Deepsea I still own but I wear the regular subs more because of the balanced look. The minute I saw this 2017 version was launched I knew I had to have one. For me this is kinda a BIG Submariner brought as a Sea Dweller. Due to the balanced looks I wanted one. The bracelet is more balanced towards the size of the watch IMO. Also, the ARF version (with the so called 904L steel) was not made from a genuine piece. BP did purchased the GEN and they have the HE valve made correct as per GEN. One of the reasons I went for this version. You can see some comparison pics up here: http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_8&products_id=17861 The thing I noticed after receiving was the smooth polished bracelet. It seems they put allot of attention into the finishing touch (no sharp edges). Although it is a big Rolex it wears perfect. I made some pics so you guy can judge the quality. Specs from Trusty: Ultimate 1:1 BP Factory Basel 2017 Rolex Ref.126600 Sea Dweller 43mm This is the Ultimate version made 1:1 with reference to a Genuine Ref.126600 Correct 21mm Lug Width Bracelet MOVEMENT: Nickel Plated Asia Clone 3235 Automatic Movement, 25J, 28800bph with Perforated Rotor, Decorated Bridges & Plates to look like Genuine Calibre 3235. CASE DIAMETER: 43mm THICKNESS: 14mm DIAL COLOR: Black Dial with Round markers and "Single Red" Graphic on Dial (With Swiss Grade Blue Superlume Applied) CASE MATERIAL: Solid Stainless Steel 316F (With Correct Color Tone for the "HE Valve") BRACELET: Solid Stainless Steel 316F with Flip Lock Deployant Buckle FRONT GLASS: Sapphire Crystal (Same thickness as Genuine) - Etched crown at 6:00 position CASE BACK: Solid case back with detailed engraving BEZEL: Uni-directional High Grade Ceramic Diver Bezel, Anti-Clockwise (With Superlume on Bezel Dot) HACK MOVEMENT: Yes CLASP TYPE: Deployant Buckle DATE INDICATOR: At 3:00 position (Adjusted via the crown) OTHER REMARKS: Waterproofed to 30m direct from Factory HE Valve at 9:00 has same color tone as genuine Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  7. Hi folks, In my opinion one of the finest IWC's around... the 3714 series! Shipped by Andrew on Saturday, delivered on Monday.... one day in between!!! Holy SH*T! Great smoothless transaction as usual. I never owned one untill now, I could not resist this new launched beauty. In the past the movement was a real dealbreaker for me and that was the main reason I never dare to purchase one. This time due to the movement adjustments I took my chance. I experience a very strong power reserve from about 3 days and it did not skipped a single beat sofar. I went for the the SS case and white dial. No need to discuss about the offered different variations if it's up to me. It is just a matter of taste regarding color, who am I to judge about which one is the most beautifull...For me absolutely the SS case /white dial / golden hands and numbers. The rep strap which came with it, is just like all the other rep straps. They are "okisch" but a watch like this deserves better. For now I wear it on a light/brown strap which matches nicely with the golden hands/ numbers. The clasp and caeback are crisp regarding printing and both looks very good. The dial printing is also very crisp and it seems they did put some serious TLC in it regarding the finishing touch in general. The crystal is also very clear and there is a nice strong AR coating applied. I had some IWC pilots in the past, I sold them all. This one I will keep for sure. It has a bit of all, classy, sporty, elegant, charming...on and on. It looks as good when wearing jeans as with wearing a suit. You can't go wrong with this look if you ask me. Specs from Trustytime; Product number: IWC0351 ZF Factory Best Edition IWC Portuguese White 1:1 replicated from a genuine New Slim Asia Clone 79350 like IWC Calibre from ZF Factory MOVEMENT: Asia Clone A79350 Automatic movement 1:1 with same thickness as genuine and running seconds at 6:00 (More reliable than the Asia 7750 movement with secs at 6:00) CASE DIAMETER: 40mm THICKNESS: 12.5mm DIAL COLOR: White Dial with White Subdials & Gold Numerals CASE MATERIAL: Solid Stainless Steel 316L BRACELET: Leather strap with Deployant Buckle FRONT GLASS: Sapphire Crystal CASE BACK: Solid case back with detailed engraving BEZEL: HACK MOVEMENT: CLASP TYPE: Deployant Clasp DATE INDICATOR: OTHER REMARKS: Waterproofed to 30m direct from Factory Enjoy the pics guys.
  8. Still solid as a rock... no signs of wear or fading Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  9. Elegant, stylish, charming or just PIMPY!? Guess the answer lies in the way you look, dress, walk and talk, so my opinion is: it is all about the person who wears it. I bought this beauty from Trustytime as he works allot with the BP factory. Flawless transaction as always. Some specs:http://www.trustytime01.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_452&products_id=15477 Basel World 2016 New Launched!!! 40mm DayDate Ref 228206!!! Ultimate Supreme Version!!! Produced based on Genuine Watch completely Dissected!!! New design 2 piece end link President Bracelet, Invisible Etched Crown at 6.00 within Crystal!!! Raw Unmodded Brand New Swiss Eta 2836!!! MOVEMENT: Gold Swiss ETA 2836 Automatic Movement, 28,800bph, 25J CASE DIAMETER: 40mm (1 : 1 dimension against Genuine) THICKNESS: 12.5mm DIAL COLOR: Brown Diagonal Dial, Stick Markers CASE MATERIAL: Solid Stainless Steel 316L, 18K Rose Gold Plated... 5 Mils BRACELET: New Style 2 piece end link RG Plated President Stainless Steel Link Braceelt with Single Fold Deployant Clasp FRONT GLASS: Sapphire Crystal, Same Thickness and Height above Bezel as per the Genuine, Invisible Etched Crown on Crystal at 6.00 BACK GLASS: Solid caseback BEZEL: Fluted Bezel HACK MOVEMENT: Yes CLASP TYPE: Hidden Rolesor Clasp DATE INDICATOR: At 3:00 OTHER REMARKS: Waterproofed to 30m direct from Factory Engraved ROLEXROLEX on rehuat with ALPHA NUMERIC serial numbers Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  10. Review: ZF Tudor Blue Pelagos titanium!

    Firmest bezel compared to all of my watches
  11. Every Rolex is a king on his own but for me this is the ultimate Rolex of all time!The TT blue dial version a.k.a. 116613LB I saw BP launched this version recently and I pulled the trigger on one from Trustytime / Andrew. Delivery was fast, I believe within 6 days from China to The netherlands. I know many Rolex lovers do like this version but are being hold back due to the dial color, many are having doubts the dial color is not simular to GEN. This is why I post many dial pics from many angles so you can judge for yourself regarding this particular thing. I have been wearing mine for a week by now and did not had the chance to post this review earlier due to holidays. I am very pleased with this BP version, it screams GEN imo and it is an extreme eyecatcher I noticed. Several times I noticed people checking my wrist and we all know that nice feeling when that happens. As we all know not a single Rolex Rep is perfect but for me this one is just perfect as it is. The nitpicking points I leave to the Rollie experts around here. On to the specs and enjoy the pics guys! http://www.trustytime01.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_7&products_id=15011 BP Factory!!! Made with Reference to Genuine Submariner Completely Stripped!!! Ultimate Version with Superlume and Most Accurate Version!!! M Serial with Glass Clad over Pearl similar to the Genuine... External dimension and Parts are interchangeable with the Genuine!!! MOVEMENT: Swiss ETA 2836 Automatic Movement 25J, 28800bph CASE DIAMETER: 40.5mm THICKNESS: 13mm DIAL COLOR: Blue Dial, Superlume Dot Markers and Needles CASE MATERIAL: Solid 316F stainless steel, 18K Champagne Gold Plated... 5 Mils BRACELET: Brushed SS/Champagne Gold Plated TT New Style Oyster Bracelet with Insignia Single Foldover Clasp, Serial number inscribed on end links FRONT GLASS: Sapphire Crystal, Same Thickness and Height above Bezel as per the Genuine BACK GLASS: Solid case back BEZEL: Blue Bezel, Numeral Diver Bezel with Glass Clad Superlume Pearl Dot, 120 Clicks Uni-directional HACK MOVEMENT: Yes CLASP TYPE: New Rolesor Clasp DATE INDICATOR: At 3:00 position (2.5 X Mag, Set via Crown) OTHER REMARKS: Water Resistant Engraved ROLEXROLEX on rehaut with M serial numbers
  12. Review: ZF Tudor Blue Pelagos titanium!

    Regarding color...yes they say so.