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  1. Glashutte Senator Sixties - belated review

    Forget throwback - it's becoming a very desired look again. I've always been a functional tool watch type, but I could like this alot. It oozes class. What is it about 39mm? And does the hand tip bend or is that a trick of the crystal?
  2. Genuine wrist check...December 2017

    New beater for work landed on Saturday. Seiko guts, speedie attitude, just £12.50 and in need of a polish
  3. Been missing my Seiko Flightmaster 12hr chrono ever since I sold it last year, and haven't been able to pick one up at a decent price since. But last month I spotted this Lorus in Debenhams for £80 and after getting outbid on a few, I landed this one last week for £12.50. RESULT! It features the same 7T92 Seiko movement (badged as a YM92) so has a 12hr 1/20th sec chrono, and is a deadringer for the Blue speedmaster date. Perfect for work on my speedie velcro. I'm now keeping an eye out for is any Lorus or Pulsar with the YM32 movement which is the same Microstepper alarm movement as the better known Seiko 7T32. Anyway, on to the comparison pics, Lorus is 40mm, Omega is 39.
  4. I'm gonna miss my glidelock clasp when I flip my Explorer ll - just not wearing it anymore - but I'd like to have a generic unbranded glidelock for fitting on some other reps with leather straps. Are generic glidelock style clasps available anywhere?
  5. McGilli's Rolex Explorer II Pro Hunter Stealth Review

    Nice! The Explorer ll is the best un-rolexy Rolex and really subtle. Don't forget it will gain 5-10 secs a day lay flat on it's back and loose 5-10 sat edgeways on the case.
  6. Not sure if PVD is the same as ION coated, maybe someone here can educate me, but I had this Accurist recently but moved it on, too big. It looks more grey than black, almost like a translucent coating on the stainless, and a bugger to photograph.
  7. GO LEWIS!! (2008 Lewis Hamilton edition)
  8. Q. When is a Citizen Navihawk not a Citizen Navihawk? A. When it's a PVD Accurist World Time.... £37 off the bay Same movement as 1st gen Navihawk. Just needs a Nato or PVD mesh.....
  9. How can they generate a price based on a used/vintage/modified watch case's value.? Yes we know its a 500quid case (in our knowledgable and biased drooling opinions) but its not a definitive value like you would get from the retailer of a new watch. Are they really licensed to print money by making up an items value to suit themselves? Wankers.
  10. Awwwwwllllllll Roiiiiiiiigggghht! Yowuwv've moid moiy doiy! All brummie yamyams and chaps welcome ere.
  11. At least a 5600 is certified for manned space missions by NASA, so it would save scratching your speedie in the crew module. Unless of course it's a REP 5600 which would be even better!
  12. 007 Watches

    What happened to "you only live twice" ?
  13. just an update anyone who is thinking of buying from F HINDS jewellers (in UK) they stood by their 30day refund policy, money straight back in the bank as promised. Maybe worth a look for any gen Casio, pulsar, sekonda, Seiko stuff.
  14. I had one but was too small 38mm think. Needs a leather cuff strap under it. Oh and some lume would have been nice. Lovely little jewel of a watch though.