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  1. Q. When is a Citizen Navihawk not a Citizen Navihawk? A. When it's a PVD Accurist World Time.... £37 off the bay Same movement as 1st gen Navihawk. Just needs a Nato or PVD mesh.....
  2. How can they generate a price based on a used/vintage/modified watch case's value.? Yes we know its a 500quid case (in our knowledgable and biased drooling opinions) but its not a definitive value like you would get from the retailer of a new watch. Are they really licensed to print money by making up an items value to suit themselves? Wankers.
  3. Awwwwwllllllll Roiiiiiiiigggghht! Yowuwv've moid moiy doiy! All brummie yamyams and chaps welcome ere.
  4. At least a 5600 is certified for manned space missions by NASA, so it would save scratching your speedie in the crew module. Unless of course it's a REP 5600 which would be even better!
  5. 007 Watches

    What happened to "you only live twice" ?
  6. just an update anyone who is thinking of buying from F HINDS jewellers (in UK) they stood by their 30day refund policy, money straight back in the bank as promised. Maybe worth a look for any gen Casio, pulsar, sekonda, Seiko stuff.
  7. I had one but was too small 38mm think. Needs a leather cuff strap under it. Oh and some lume would have been nice. Lovely little jewel of a watch though.
  8. Bought a GEN! Kinda surprised.

    Not a fan of two tone watches but put a Disney character on and it suddenly becomes fun and cool! Wonder if a Disney character on my Chrysler would have the same effect?
  9. Well the Pulsar Speedie 2 has landed and to be honest it wasn't worth the wait. For starters it was advertised on the dealers website as 42mm, so I thought that would be great as the gen mk2 is 42mm and my 46mm rep is just too bug. Well guess what- it's also 46mm. Worse still it is 4mm longer at 55mm lug to lug. It is enormous. Then there is the dial, I mistakenly thought the lcd only showed when activated, but it is there all the time. Mmmm. And.... The hour markers are shiny, not white like I thought, and the 12o'clock marker is not straight. Lastly the second hand sits half a second off. Let's hope the 30day return feature actually works eh. Back to reps for me.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I love my speedie mk 2 rep, but it's just too big at 45mm for my astronaut wrist so is never selected for missions. I have ordered this rather MK2-ish 42mm Pulsar from F Hinds and it should have splashed down when I get home on Thursday. The dial is plain black until you activate a digital feature. Can't wait. If they come up on sale I may even get another for modding, maybe a speedie dial with a Seiko VK67 12hr chrono movement?
  11. thats cool. i wonder if lume could be applied to an engraved speedie bezel this way and then sealed with laquer?
  12. Anyone know how these actually work? Are they affected by AR?
  13. Sharpie vs Strap

    Lol. When I was at school in the 80's I used to taper my school uniform flared trousers inside leg seam on my mum's sewing machine so they became drainpipe trousers. I could only find white thread so did it anyway, then would sit at the back of class with a sharpie doing my inside leg stiching ��
  14. Baldrick's Watches.Sale of them.

    Great idea. Maybe to prevent any noobs who may not know the history or may lowball because they don't know any better, you could ask the mods to price them by pm before they go on sale? It would be a shame to do this great gesture and have minor aggro from bargain hunters. Just a thought.