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  1. I know you all hate Invictas....but

    I'm waiting for the impending " The Never Ending Invicta Wristies!" thread to start??? :cheerleader2:
  2. A proper man's watch for sure !!!!
  3. Seiko Blue Lagoon limited editions

    Don't get the Turtle one!!!
  4. Lengthen Stem? (Now sorted)

    Useful to have in an emergency if you over trim a stem. Or you need a long stem You need to know the stem diameter but it is probably easier to buy a couple of new stems.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aufzugswelle-Miyota-9015-9100-Winding-Stem-065-A05-/122503161492?hash=item1c85c1e694:g:M3QAAOSw0hlZHeon
  5. Lengthen Stem? (Now sorted)

    How about getting a stem extension??
  6. The Never Ending Seikos Wristies!

    Seiko Presage SSA308J1
  7. Archie Luxury on panerai

    Benny Hill he is not !!!!
  8. Another eBay fraud

    You'd have to be a right bell-end to buy this. No box or papers. New seller with no feedback. A couple of dodgy photo's. I do like how the seller has added his name to the photos in case someone pinches them :)
  9. This is getting off topic? The OP asked where to get a SKX007, Someone suggested Creation watches. I simply gave a heads up that you would NOW pay full VAT in UK. I'm not interested in a debate on the legality of this. BUT I think Creationwatches should be more honest in their FAQ's
  10. Creation watches say this.. Do you charge any tax on your products? For exports, CreationWatches does not charge any additional tax on the prices listed on our website. You only pay what you see. For some countries, you may be charged import tax by the customs of your country which is the same as the GST or VAT in your country. However, in such rare cases even with the tax you will end up saving substantially by shopping with us Clearly for UK buyers it won't be rare to pay tax, it will be a certainty to pay tax! People will now need to factor this cost into the watch price they buy from them.
  11. Surely you're not expecting a genuine watch dealer to commit tax fraud on your behalf?! DC Up to a few weeks ago they were! Only declaring a value of ~ £20
  12. Info on this IWC

    As said: get the one with bracelet: the bracelet, later, is VERY difficult to obtain, and the leather straps that come with reps are in general "crap". Therefore it's the only wise idea. About the deployant, then here (yes, it has the IWC logos engraved): https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/18mm-NEW-HQ-SS-Silver-Fold-Watch-Band-strap-Buckle-Deployment-Clasp/217871_32636371745.html Bummer they are not available anymore :) I was after getting one for my 3777 with a decent strap, to replace the bracelet - the small adjustment rachet keeps slipping :(
  13. No way ? that is shit they have always played the game previously ! bollox :( I was well p*ssed - as I looked at the DHL invoice where it said value £106 !! - no wonder I got stung!! In the past I have only paid a few ££'s - the £350 Tissot I got was charged only £4 by DHL :(
  14. If you are buying from the UK forget Creationwatches, as they are declaring full value to DHL - meaning you will be charged UK customs (I got stung for £32 for a £106) watch. There are a few threads on TZ forum where everyone has been stung recently. I tried to get an explanation from CreationWatches about their declaration of value but was fobbed off with the " you are liable for customs and we are still cheaper etc".
  15. I always fine the dial spacer a pain in the ass to refit :( Good job though :)