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  1. noobwatch.com

    Civility is in short supply. The internet hasn't helped that at all.
  2. Hello from Melbourne!!

    Hey I have a pile of sawdust at my feet welcome aboard mate!
  3. I got " why wear a watch - it only does one thing!"
  4. noobwatch.com

    Sigh. Fifteen trusted dealers must've began with 1 then 2 then .... well you know where I'm going. Why bother? Because that's how the dealers who don't shaft us are discovered.
  5. Vintage Watches...brands to start with

    I agree that Longines has real allure - you can get one from the 40's that is similar to the one Bogart wore ... I am looking at them now
  6. New Member from Australia

    I just bought one this evening and hope to use it as a near-daily beater. I own one of the cheapish chronos which I'll sell once the PO arrives.
  7. New Member from Australia

    Looks like a melbourne meet might be fun
  8. DREAM REPS - warning. A rant follows For me, I low-balled in the early days, capping out at around $200 all up. Then I started researching 1:1 reps that I really loved/wanted and were good enough to pass even rigorous inspection. Prices ranged from around $300 to $650 which is a bunch of cash but worth it for me in context of making a buying decision for a lifetime. I built a cabinet to hold my timepieces, their boxes, mb pens, after shaves and collection of ties. Considering the enjoyment this hobby has given me, the cost while considerable, has been over several years and a manageable addiction which even the mrs approves of. Hope this answers your question
  9. RWI down for anyone else?

    too many days for them to be well I suspect - reminds me to download any pics of timepieces that I love, but apart from that selfish statement, I sincerely hope Trailboss can get it sorted and will be back on soon ...
  10. my 2nd FM tourby just arrived!

    It really is nice ... and beautifully photographed. I was going to get one but the slight inaccuracy of the tourbillon 'fm' put me off. Still, it is beautiful
  11. nice .... lovely quirky things - this is my personal fave (sorry, can't see how to embed video)
  12. Hi from Australia

    Hey mate - welcome. Enjoy, learn, contribute, learn, stuff-up, learn again ... and have fun Once you decide which particular brands appeal to you, sing out and folks will be quick to assist ... at least that's what I have found Steve (Kilmore VIC)
  13. Which Breitling?

    I love my B4B Flying B Chrono No. 1
  14. Gen hornback arrived for my Safari

    Apologies for the quality of the pics .... my DLSR is being repaired so the iphone camera is all I have BTW what I really hate is that we have to spend $400 - $600 for an AP strap when real hornback straps for Pams can be bought for less than $50
  15. Gen hornback arrived for my Safari

    Everyone probably already knows, but for the hell of it, here are a few pics of the Monty with the supplied strap.