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  1. New Guy from Arizona

    Welcome, my parents and sister both live in the Phoenix area. My temperature limit is about 83 degrees, so I tend to only visit during the winter months lol.
  2. Eyebleach Warning

    Swiss Movt!
  3. Ahh, yes. My eyes aren't what they used to be... Unfortunately, I think a dial replacement may be your only choice.
  4. I looked at the pic for over a minute, don't see anything wrong with it. Any hints?
  5. From those pics, I've found 5 things that make me think it's gen Swiss and only one that makes me think it may(?) be asian (though it wouldn't really affect the movement itself). First, the things that look Swiss to me 1. ETA and 2824-2 stamping are crisp, stand right out as the first thing I notice. 2. The "step" to the right of the ETA engraving is curved, in asian, it's straight. 3. The + and - for adjustment are not equal depth in the engraving. On a swiss, imagine 2 tear drops meeting in the middle to form the - and four teardrops meeting in the middle to form the +. Your pic has uneven depth in the engravings which makes me believe it is swiss, in the asian, it is uniform depth. 4. The shock spring that encases the ruby has the deep U shape along with at least two visible recesses. Asian only has one recess with more shallow or even V shaped shock spring curvatures around the ruby. 5. The gold and silver gears at 2:00 appear to be dull in appearance in the second pic. Asian are more polished. Thing that looks Asian to me 1. The engravings on the rotor look to be a bit rough compared to crisp on the Swiss. Since it's just a rotor, it doesn't affect the movement parts that are visible. Moral of the story: Most movements being sold by rep factories or on ebay from China may be a conglomeration of Swiss and Asian parts. This one looks to be Swiss for the most part, but those are only the visible parts in the pics. Buyer beware. If you have an RWI account, click on this link to see more of what I'm talking about. I've seen many movements that are a mix of Swiss and Asian parts that claim to be Swiss, but this one looks to be "mostly Swiss." https://forum.replica-watch.info/threads/eta-2836-2-vs-clone-how-to-tell-swiss-from-asian.61801/
  6. I Found Another One

    They make you register your limited edition number BEFORE the watch company will send you the winding tool for this watch. I'm not kidding. http://www.bdwf.net/forum/showthread.php?s=7f84b31893a91aa518944935ff6702bb&t=63085
  7. The gen looks the same. I don't understand what you mean about replica sins?
  8. A cheapy Invicta I actually like

    I lubs Reg.
  9. Fake as FUCK! Holy crap is that bad.
  10. Introduction and help wanted

    http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=6930 Check ^ out. It will explain the movements used in most replicas including the 2824 and Miyota 9015. Miyota movements are solid and have the same sweep as the 2824's but in my experience, the 2824 seemed to be more smooth with winding and that's why I suggested that one. Miyota movements are workhorses and work very well, if you see no difference between the two of them, and remember that no one will see it more than an arm's length away when you're wearing it, then go with the Miyota and put the $100 towards your next purchase. Trust me, you'll be back for more
  11. Ready to burn $15K

    This. :lmao: I like the idea but the return on investment is only lasts 45 min. max. lol :drunksing: Herpes last forever, they're the gift that keeps on giving. Just think of the stooooooooooories. Exclusive club right there. Replica AP's exist, but can you buy a replica VD? I don't think so. You'll have a gen for life!
  12. Introduction and help wanted

    Big difference between the last two is a Miyota movement vs the 2824-2 movement. If you can afford it, go for the 2824-2 movement version. Decorated refers to the movement bridges and rotor to look more genuine. These movements are plain when they are produced. The rotors and bridges often have thin metal "stickers" with the markings of the genuine articles applied to them to look more genuine. For example, look up a google image search for 2824-2 movement, then compare it to the movement in the last link you provided. You'll see the stickers and bridge decorations to make it look like an AP.
  13. The guy got banned years ago.