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  1. My wife has a fitbit - if it was mine, it would have wound up in the trash long ago. It's basically a digital nagging device. Payback, I say! Beyond that, I know nooooothing, sorry
  2. Alpina watches

    Who'da thunk it?
  3. Where can i buy good replica of Rolex

    Go away you sad little troll. You're not even entertaining enough for the Gulag...
  4. Photobucket fixer

    I somehow doubt that's going to work for long....
  5. Hello from England

  6. .... and I'm back!

    1. Mr_baldwin
    2. Steelfish


      Great to see ya' back mate.  :)

    3. greg_r


      thanks mate :)

  7. How do you tell when your VIP runs out?

    For new upgrades we’re back to an automated ststem again. For upgrades carred over from the old software, howver, i’m having to process the expiry manually, so the only notofication you will get is that you’ll go back to regular member status (which will show under you avatar when you post)
  8. Challenge: A Week on the Wrist

    Wear the same watch for a whole week? Sorry, never gonna happen
  9. No Duck Dodgers = no deal....