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  1. Glashutte Senator Sixties - belated review

    rhere’s two cheaper versions. Both with incorrect hands - one of which is quartz. Be careful - you may not get what youre expecting...
  2. First Speedmaster Need Help!

    Not a review. Moved to General Discussion.
  3. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    Note that I suspect this lying cunt is back again. Not gonna say who as just yet, as it's not actually proven. I will be keeping an eye on him for now - as soon as I have proof, he will be leaving us. In the meantime, as you're hear to read this: Micky, you're a miserable, dishonest, slimy fucktard of a man. Kindly go die in a fire. Thanks.
  4. Glashutte Senator Sixties - belated review

    Yep, 39mm. The hands do have a gentle curve and crystal is domed, so there's also some distortion...
  5. TD ore one of these sites for an Omega in UK?

    Stick to the trusted dealers. Also check out the link in my signature.
  6. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    Yeah - suspected but no proof. Should have kept a closer eye on it, but too much else going on - his comment above is what reminded me to do some more checks...
  7. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    Actually, yes it was. Fuck off you lying cunt, Micky!
  8. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    The guy is a lying, cheating, scamming arsehole. He doesn't deserve a break.
  9. Glashutte Senator Sixties - belated review

    Yes, the gen I had briefly was brand new. Very disappointing...
  10. No, but then who the hell has heard of Hanhart?
  11. Ive only just realised that I forgot to review this when I bought it early in the year. It was bought as a compromise as I purchased the gen back in 2016 which, after a long wait, arrived DOA. Glashutte wanted me to send it back and wait 3-4 months for them to fix it. I declined and demanded a refund, which I got. The whole experience rather soured me on the whole idea of buying gen, so a few months later I picked up the rep, saving myself about 5 grand in the process... The Glashutte Senator Sixties is a classic design, but until recently it hadn't been repped with any great degree of accuracy. The original rep was significantly larger than the gen - mainly because it was powered by a 6497, which wouldn't fit in a gen-sized case. The newer reps, however, are finally the correct size. Produced by the so-called YL factory, this is powered by a Miyota 9015 and comes with one of the better rep straps I've seen. It's not quite a super-rep. The movement, whilst nicely decorated, isn't that convincing and the crystal profile is just a little off. Nothing to worry too much about, however - the dial, case and hands are well rendered and nobody that hasn't seen the gen up close would notice anything amiss. It's a nice watch at the price. Classic, elegant and stylish. I wear it a lot - it's good enough for me not to be tempted to buy the gen again. quick pic:
  12. Guess what I'm wearing today? uh-huh. Still this:
  13. whoa. Great work so far!