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  1. VIP Giveaway - AP 15202

    I´m in
  2. Thanks for some good ideas real fast. Rubberclad, is what I meant with RC, sorry...;-)
  3. I just love this forum. I love my watches. Just as much as I love them when they run properly, just as sad do I get when they don´t. I now have 2 that desperately need servicing. One is an AP RC, one of my favorite watces. It has gotten extremely unreliable, stops all the sudden. Probably just in need of service. The other an IWC double chrono also needs some work. A hour marker has come loose and the day won´t set properly.... WHO can help me? Where can I send these puppies to get help? Please advise, /PTH
  4. Thanks, will do that. Hate that it is this hard to get someone to service a good watch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Haha... ok... close one :-) So, I will let the question remain for yet a while.
  6. PERFECT, now I just need a little bit more specific info about him/her...
  7. Hi, Could anyone PLEASE help me find a service guy/girl for my watches. I have been looking here in Stockholm, Sweden, but there is an unwillingness to touch any form of replicas... I think watchsmiths nowdays don´t realize the quality of today´s replicas. Anyway, I need to send a few for service, and wpould like to avoid to send them over half the globe. So, Sweden is my home country, as close as possible would be good, BUT, someone that has been used by anyone here preferably ;-) Best, /PTH
  8. Didn´t actually think it was swiss, but a better ETA version....does that make any sense?, I think you know what I mean :-)
  9. Hi, I thought I would sell a Rolex GMTII but realized I don´t know what movement it has. It was sold to me as a Swiss, could someone please confirm or deny before I put it up for sale too cheap or too expensive :-) Thanks a bunch, /PTH
  10. Ferrari

    Hmmm... Does he really? ;-) That is the one I want!!!! or Need!!!
  11. Ferrari

    Thanks Greg, that´s true. But a PAM is more fun, isn´t it? ;-)
  12. Ferrari

    Thanks, will do that :-)
  13. Ferrari

    Hey out there, i am looking to buy a Ferrari watch as a gift for a very good friend of mine. After having searched a couple of TD´s sites I realize I know far too little about Panerai to be able to tell a good one from a bad...I need help :help3: It also crossed my mind that there might be other brands that have made models for Ferrari. If so I would love suggestions. This turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought. :wyliehelp: /PTH