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  1. Always nice to forget the pressures of work with some cool new watches :)
  2. Anyone heard of Dan Henry Watches???

    I have the 1963 black and I had the 1970 orange for a while. They are very very good for the price. Nice designs, right sized and much better than I expected. Finishing was very good on the two I've had. That said the date wheel on the 1970 was a bit off centre and so I returned it and exchanged for the 1963. However they have very good customer service and if he brings out the compressor in a 42mm rather than 44 then I'd grab another for sure.
  3. A nice Hamilton Pan Europ bargain for the Septics

    Yep , I bought one, I reckon its still a killer price even including customs tax/duty costs to get it down to NZ. Will post some shots when it arrives.
  4. Really nice looking CW Del. They really do look after their customers very well. I've had 3 CW's and the last one a Trident 600 came with the strap detached from the watch. I dropped them a mail to let them know and said it was no big thing, next day they mailed to apologise and say that had posted to me a new SS bracelet to go on the Trident to make up for the issue. I'm down in New Zealand - now thats what i call great customer service and will I buy from them again? - you bet (though not so sure of the new logo)
  5. Alpina Reputation?

    I agree, I've had a couple in the past including the Sebring and they are really nicely made - but often heavily discounted so just make sure you buy at a good price.
  6. Prometheus Poseidon?

    I have had the Pirahna, Trireme and both were really well made and good looking watches. I also have the bronze possiedon and can confirm its a great watch too - the bronze with a bit of patina gives a really nice look to it,. It's thicker than the others from them that I've owned due to the water resistance and the super thick crystal gives a nice depth to the watch. All in all I would say that it's a very reasonable price for a very good diver watch.
  7. Gerlach Enigma

    Holy crap - that white one on a mesh looks amazing !!
  8. Longest Time you've kept a Rep

    My first rep was an Omega Chrono - quartz version bought in Hong Kong in 1996, I've still got it and still works ! Its fair to say that reps have moved forwards a bit since then
  9. Anyone in New Zealand lose a watch?

    yeah - saw that in our local paper - and was trying to think of a way of claiming it as mine ! NZ dollars are about 0.6 of a US dollar, hence the seemingly high price, I guess. Plus most people over here wouldn't have a clue as to what any watch is worth except perhaps for a Rolex.
  10. Great watch - sold my one and really miss it - cant go wrong with Steinhart 'bang for buck'
  11. A truly awesome collection mate ! Thanks for sharing your great photo's.
  12. Glashutte Senator Blue

    Beautiful watches these and very classy too they look amazing on the wrist, and as said earlier in the posts the retro look is very in these days ! I have a version of this up for sale at the moment - looks a bit different to yours - crystal dome and hands on mine are more gen like...
  13. Prometheus Black Piranha - Photoshoot!

    Great watch the Piranha, and a great micro brand Prometheus, I've had 3 ! I've just sold my yellow Piranha, and used to own a Sailfish also. My third Prometheus is a rare Trireme white dial with plongeur hands, which is a great 70's style homage to the Omega Shom. All 3 watches have been excellent build and super reliable with great lume. One of the best brands for quality v cost in my opinion, and I would certainly recommend them to anyone.
  14. Great watch mate, I used to have the same model and the build quality of these Victorinox is really first class, enjoy!
  15. Is this an AR fault or glue and....

    Awesome - thanks guys - I have a Dremmel so I reckon that Jewelers Rouge will do the trick, and if not I'll try the Cape Cod (the Seamaster looks great) Cheers C