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  1. Video of China mall with watches

    I can imagine it must be an experience to be sure, it did feel that when the guy was "haggling" it wasn`t for the best quality item. I haven`t been here very regularly so I`ve missed a lot. I tend to pop in and out when it takes the fancy.
  2. Video of China mall with watches

    That was an eye opener, didn`t realize it was on that scale, basically the whole mall was about selling fakes. The girls in that shop, so persistent, in the end they almost gave the watch away. In this country touching a possible customer would have been deemed harassment. Do you think the police just don`t care or are they given bribes to look the other way?
  3. Hi. If this is still available then I`d be interested. I sent you a PM. Kris
  4. Dealer Web Site Virus

    I would also have gone for a FP but for the second software app. Anyway, thanks, I`ll send them an email.
  5. Dealer Web Site Virus

    Hi I`ve been getting warnings from my anti-virus software about a dealer web site, a trusted dealer, saying that there is a trojan virus lurking on their site. Should I let them know? I know these are rep sites we`re talking about here so you might say my software is being a little paranoid but this has happened with two different computers with two different apps. Plus one of my software packages has locked me out. Cheers Kris
  6. Krispee`s Collection

    Cheers, it is a nice watch, although more of a homage really than a real attempt at the genuine article. On the real the dial rotates with the hour hand while the rep rotates with the minute hand. The dial is similar and looks lovely on the rep, real workmanship. And obviously no tourbillon. I also love my Chrono which has a lovely dial, although sadly not in production anymore. @ Davesjourney - Thanks.
  7. Krispee`s Collection

    Ok, my state of collection, with a notable absence, my Breguet Chrono which is broken and on its way to China to be fixed.
  8. A super rep collection

    Very nice watches in a very nice box. Need one of those myself.
  9. Del's collection!

    Very nice collection, I like the pens too. The RM is interesting, quite a large watch it seems. I have been looking at one or two of those myself.
  10. Krispee`s Collection

    I`m sorry, haven`t heard of that before. A group photo you mean? Yep! Look here: http://www.rwg.bz/bo...howtopic=131460 Ah, I see, thanks for the heads up. I`ll get on that, although it might be tomorrow before I can organize it.
  11. New Week Wrist Check - w/c 12th June

    My new watch.
  12. Krispee`s Collection

    I`m sorry, haven`t heard of that before. A group photo you mean?
  13. New Arrival - tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24

    Aren`t they all Would love to be able to afford the real thing but alas.......
  14. Krispee`s Collection

    I thought I`d post my new Monaco 24, although it`s been a long time since I`ve been here.
  15. New Arrival - tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24

    I finally have some decent photos, now that my new strap has arrived.