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  1. What is the name of the $9.95 watch that Wal Mart sells?
  2. Beware of the cable guy

    Never do. Can't trust anyone these days. Don't even let family take a shit without a chaperone. God forbid they find all your rocket launchers and Claymores.
  3. Yeah I have a whole drawer of them.
  4. My son was born today...

    And you only posted pics of the watch sans baby, You know you can never get rid of it now. You need to pass it down to them.
  5. The show take place in the office

    Pretty cool stuff. MI5 rocks. What else do you have?
  6. So, do you guys worry....

    lol I was talking about getting called out. The topic before the foil hats came out.
  7. So, do you guys worry....

    You are right. There have been tons of posts from people obsessing over this. But none where it actually happened. The few times where people caused it to happen dosn't count. As expressed by people here. If someone even notices the comments are often made with no actual foundation or by jealous idiots.
  8. How much does Trailboss do for you?

    Nothing comes to mind. Maybe I am missing somethig?
  9. What do you think about these watches?

    If you can go down the street and meet the guy what's the harm.
  10. Bezel inserts nad dials for 16610

    :( Correct. Since all the reps come from the same place all the parts will be the same.
  11. Calling all Omega Pros

    graman has been typing furiously for about five minutes.
  12. Calling all Omega Pros

    Seriously are you punking us?
  13. Black watches

    Such enthusiastic questions! I thought you were 'done with this'? Being the black watch guy I can tell you this. They are an extension of your image. When used as a part of a dress theme they are exceptional looking. Don't mix the trim metals. Make sure your cufflinks match. Example. A nice pair of jeweled cufflinks that match a tie, triimmed in black will pull the outfit together. Black hardware on your belt or braces also unify the theme. Remember the watch does not make the man, the man makes the watch.
  14. Rolex Daytona PROBLEMM

    Tough one. I had the same thing happen. Fortunately I caught it.