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  1. VinRoPorn (Vintage Rolex Porn) Pic Heavy!

    Build thread on this watch will be up some time today^^^
  2. The "post your Rolex" thread

  3. VinRoPorn (Vintage Rolex Porn) Pic Heavy!

    Cartel 6263, Phong MkIV Bezel, Daytona Removed, gen 7835 Folded-Link Bracelet with Cartel 571 End Links swapped in:
  4. OlympusDaytona's 6263 Daytona Build

    Back again with an update, my gen 7835 bracelet and 23-9380 end links just came in the mail! Unfortunately the 357 end links it came with don't fit the Cartel case very well... they leave a huge gap... I then decided to pry open the folded mid-links and swap the 357's with the rep 571's that the Cartel came with. Now its flush! Enjoy: So..... I bought a Tonny dial to match what I currently have (no Daytona at 6:00), except..... he sent a Paul Newman instead... on the bright side, my gen Datejust dial came in so I have a gold coronet to swap in for the look I'm going for:
  5. Which gaudy Rolex?

    I'd pick gold over diamonds, but that's just me.
  6. Cheap Gen Omega - might help someone out

    Or you can go vintage...
  7. Cleebeauregard, I love your 6241 build. I'll be following with a Tiffany & Co. 6263 soon enough assuming I can get my base watch order switched to screw-down pushers... Was trying to build a 41 but realized my dial says Oyster so it needs to be a 63
  8. Hey RWG, It has been a while, I've finally returned after a long hiatus. Today I have for you a guide for fitting a "90's Era" MkIV Bezel to a Cartel 6263 Case on the cheap. Tools Used: Dremel 200 Dremel Cutting Wheel Attachment Dremel Cut-Off Wheel No. 420 Ebay Table Top Vise Bergon 4040-P Seiko-S284 Bergon No. 4657 Ultra-Fine Tipped Blue Sharpie Uvex Stealth Cup of Cold Water 600 Grit Sandpaper 1000 Grit Sandpaper 2000 Grit Sandpaper Parts Used: Phong MkIV 6263 Bezel Ideally the case should have been machined to fit the bezel, but I decided to use the easiest solution with what I had. Here are the photos: After marking the case and pressing the bezel to it, I filled in the transferred permanent marker to visually know what material to remove. Mounting the movement holder in a table-top vice. When working the material be sure to check the surface temperature and quench when needed in the cup of water otherwise the plastic movement holder will melt... After the desired fit is achieved, the bezel is sanded and pressed down upon the crystal and case. Stay tuned for more mods...
  9. JLC RG Tourbillon Black Dial JLC Master Geographic DW 6239 Daytona, Tropical Dials on Brown Alligator Strap JLC RG Duometre Champagne Dial DSSD A Breguet that uses the Lemania clone
  10. Suggestions guys for a cool tough everyday watch

    Casio Edifice Chrono?
  11. My Jaeger LeCoultres - pic heavy

    Splitting image of my mental list of reps to buy! (Minus the gen and the Compressor)

    Woah. That tech. The way it looks though.... Rose gold case, black strap, then remove the roman numerals and crown guards
  13. Crown removal

    Or a toothpick!
  14. Hey RWG!

    I still want a vintage style gold Daytona with gold dial but..... I completley agree with you on the Michael Kors watches. When she showed me the one she wanted, I was like.... they're selling THAT for $250? *sigh* Lucky for me I have a small wrist!... only downside, most watches are bigger than my max size :(