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  1. It seems to keep good time, and has a LONG reserve...the buttons did feel stiff initially...
  2. MD2020-I sent you a PM...I think you're right, though...I had talked to someone else about this, and they said, "Hello, I understand the issue. It is very common. Actually what usually causes it is a lack of proper lubrication at the heart-shaped chrono cam. Simply reinstalling the part without remedying the lubrication issue can lead to the same result shortly thereafter."
  3. RWI's down - guess I'll join RWG!

    Still down for me as of a couple of minutes ago...and tried with the IP address...
  4. I screwed up my new-to-me Concord C1 by pressing the reset while the chrono was running... :( Didn't see this post first! Should I attempt to fix it myself?
  5. Here is my dilemma: I have a watch with a dial that I have tried to mount to the movement with dial tape, silicone...neither have kept the dial and the movement together. I don't have any of the plastic spacers to work with. I would like to try a glue or a different silicone, but what should I use? Black automotive silicone?
  6. What movement is this?

    You have a couple of stems? Coolness! How can I get them from you? PM me, please. I've seen that logo before. My guess is by tomorrow somebody will be along that will recognize it. Maybe Trailboss or Offshore. Edit: I have a couple of old busted movements here with that logo. 99% it's DG. They also have 2 stems if you want them.
  7. What movement is this?

    I agree it's an Asian 21J...maybe I should match by the ligne size, and get something else...I hate to see a couple of good movements (all they need are stems) go to waste...maybe I can sell them... Wonder what the logo (engraving) that is visible through the wheel is?
  8. What movement is this?

    Anyone? I know it's 26mm by 1.8mm...
  9. I have no idea, but I need to replace it or get a stem or two...any clues? Three hands with the date...
  10. List of watch related iPhone apps...

    The newest version won't work on my iPhone iOS 3.1.2... Why? It's still on the app store...
  11. List of watch related iPhone apps...

    Anyone have the original .ipa file for the Jaeger-LeCoultre app? I accidentally erased mine!
  12. New week wristies w/c 7th June 2010

    It's a PVD Fiddy homage from Getat (the superlume is optional, but inexpensive). Superb watch. I like the black case...
  13. New week wristies w/c 7th June 2010

    What watch is this? I'd try a Panerai, except that I'm not big into the shiny/chrome thing...
  14. Opinions on dealers selling "serviced" watches

    I'm with you, sir...I do find it a bit dubious...not to mention that service should be part of the deal...like buying a car with proper maintenance. One shouldn't add to the price for something that should be done anyway...