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  1. reflections driving me crazy

    That's fantastic. << Personally, I'd save the money and put that towards the auto rep >> Yeah, you're right..I promised myself no more expensive reps though..I'll start watching the M2M section..
  2. reflections driving me crazy

    Thank you
  3. reflections driving me crazy

    To me, that doesn't sound easy at all. I would have to find a watchmaker that could do that for me.
  4. reflections driving me crazy

    Where did you have it done ? If it's in the UK that would be an option.
  5. reflections driving me crazy

    I could never do that. And there's no one in this part of the world who will, as far as I know.
  6. reflections driving me crazy

    Will it have better AR ?
  7. So I bought a cheapish but very nice IWC topgun (quartz). I like it a lot but there's no discernible AR coating on the glass so most of the time I'm unable to see even the dial of the watch : I understand it's next to impossible to have the glass coated in europe. I found a website in France but have had no reaction to my email so far. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this ? thanks martin
  8. My experiences

    I couldn't sell broken watches, could I ?
  9. My experiences

    Well, you have few other choices: 1) look through the special sales here: http://www.tb-688.co...product/special there are few bargains there, like those Panerai at 129/158$ (they are extremely good reps!), or the 42mm 242$ Noob Planet Oceans (probably the 45mm are already gone), the 229$ Pam 356 with a working unmodified 7753 chronograph inside, the 168$ big pilot... All great reps 2) look at the wholesalers. More risky (no guarantee, payment with WU only and no custom protections) but the products are exactly the same as those from the TDs, but with a big discount, like 30% less or more on some pieces (I don't think we have such dealer here now, but watchoutlet01.com is a td on RWI forum and I have used it with pleasure) 3) get them from M2M section, sometimes there are real bargains there. Thanks, I'll look into it.
  10. My experiences

    Worst possible idea. That is a genuine watch picture, not a rep, and at that price you will get a turd... A better choice is this one: http://www.tb-688.co...product_id=1131 or this one http://www.tb-688.co...product_id=1213 So you have an idea of their real prices. But those, apart that they are 47mm!, are complex​ movements. If you want to stay safer get something easier, time only or time&date, or a time+day+date. Maybe with a Miyota 9015 movement. You're right, of course. The other watches are, sadly , out of my league.
  11. My experiences

    And this is probably like cursing in church (Dutch proverb) but I'm rather tempted by this : http://www.sales-styles.com/watch/brg-vogue/brg-vogue-navitimer-world-a24322-46-mm-2.html probably not a good idea.
  12. My experiences

    Are you saying that a 7750 nowadays is better than 7 years ago ? Based on my experiences I would be very reluctant to fork out that much cash. And I couldn't. So I'm not really looking for anything. Having said that, I wouldn't mind a nice Pam....
  13. My experiences

    Well, I don't know. I could never again go for the 300 plus replicas.
  14. My experiences

    The story is from 7 years back. As I said, nostalgia lured me back and self-pity made me share my story
  15. My experiences

    I think the watches I bought were among the most popular, so I thought I would be on the safe side.