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  1. happy birthday nev848

    Yeah happy birthday Nev. Another old un missed.
  2. Tudor Pelagos KW/V6F V3 - Black

    That's a great review bro with some amazing pics, this is the rep I could 'go over the side for' so tempting, i'm a gen man now but this is
  3. Well firstly yes. Just tighten the screw use a flat head driver and feel for the nip. Secondly try old school first. Make a note of mins lost over 12 and 24 hrs in different positions ie face up face down and on its side, laborious but worth it you can use apps like kelloo but they're hit and miss, failing that a watch smith
  4. just popped a new glass in the old girl. Early 90s if I recall.
  5. My Build Project

    Be careful though. Lots of fake stuff out there. Particularly dials.
  6. My Build Project

    Good luck with it. Which bits are you gonna use gen ?
  7. Watch for cycling/gym , heart rate tracking

    Sounds expensive Sounds like what I need
  8. Watch for cycling/gym , heart rate tracking

    Best look at garmin then chaps. Ggggggggggive a garmin
  9. Watch for cycling/gym , heart rate tracking

    That made me chuckle Serious answers only please, love these emoticon thingys
  10. So my new gym has a cycling studio, i've been a keen cyclist for 25 years and used a polar HR watch and strap for a few years Seems technology has moved forward and i'm looking for something similar again , seems there's these 'fit bit' watches Anyone have any experience with them or similar there's loads out there, any recommendations ?
  11. Rare Rolex sold

    Paul Newman auction I think
  12. Rare Rolex sold

    Saw that. The vintage market is getting ridiculous now. Seems there's a lot of folk thinking the vintage market is the place to be hence the silly rising prices.
  13. Watch on bracelet for my son

    I think it's the bracelet that appeals to him niko. Nice watches though the camel. Id even thought about some of the car/ motor racing stuff that's out there.
  14. Watch on bracelet for my son

    I'd love to get him a vintage 60s but he turns his nose up little sod only likes my explorer , rest are grandpa watches
  15. Watch on bracelet for my son

    Yeah it's a cool watch but I think 35mm will be big enough, think these are around 40-42.