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  1. rolex skull engraveing bezel. SS logo

    Gun engraving = Nice Watch = Terrible
  2. Rubber b on bks deepsea

    It will work just fine, I have one with Gen Rubber B.
  3. Repgeek down

  4. Rep PO 8500 on Ebay

  5. Today, i went to a rolex shop.....

    Try https://www.rolexforums.com you should be able to find one there.
  6. New Week Wrist Check w/c 5th August 2013

    That´s a very nice watch winder you got there!
  7. what is this machine?

    Puretime, Not a TD here but elsewhere.
  8. what is this machine?

    I think it is PT´s new pressure test equipment.
  9. Seems that Christian won´t repair any more replicas... http://watchguy.co.uk/to-the-owners-of-fake-watches/#more-5295