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  1. Trying to scratch my Daytona/Moonwatch itch

    Thank you guys! Moonwatch/Daytona bastard was the first thing that came to mind when I first saw it. MoonTona or MoonDay, what shall we call it? Luckily I have a loony asylum period at work, otherwise I'd already be at watchsmiths' waiting for him to change the battery, that chrono is addictive! There is one thing that really surprised me in a negative way - no date quickset!!!! You have to turn the crown and move the independently moving hour hand to advance the date. Haven't seen that in a very long time.. Otherwise I love it!
  2. Trying to scratch my Daytona/Moonwatch itch

    Maybe Fartina, that would match my style 100%. I could do that all day long. Change the battery. Repeat.
  3. Trying to scratch my Daytona/Moonwatch itch

    The box is pretty cool too What I really don't like about this brand is the name...it makes me think about farming equipment..
  4. Trying to scratch my Daytona/Moonwatch itch

    I'd love that Here's the video from YouTube showing the chrono reset at about 50 sec.
  5. Trying to scratch my Daytona/Moonwatch itch

    Yeah,that one is very popular and the LE panda dial is pretty cool too. I like this color combo quite a bit more, it reminds me of old Daytonas.
  6. Trying to scratch my Daytona/Moonwatch itch

    It is, isn't it? Useless, but cool
  7. SARB017 Alpinist - strap options?

    And it looks amazing!
  8. with a quartz Certina I love the design of both iconic watches, but there aren't any decent reps out there and there's no way I can afford a gen of either of those two. I saw this a couple of weeks ago, while spending way too much time on WUS, this time in HAQ ( high accuracy quartz ) section. It's not your every day quartz, it's very accurate (+/- 10s/y ) and also thermo compensated and usually found in those expensive Breitling quartz watches. I like the design and color scheme, the size is just about right, AR on sapphire crystal is superb and I love the bracelet. It comes in a very nice presentation box. There are 7 other color options, but I really like this one. And you should see how the 1/100 s chrono hand resets to zero, it's unbelievable I'll post some more pics, these are only quick phone snaps. Oh, the model is DS-2 Precidrive chronograph.
  9. SARB017 Alpinist - strap options?

    You're welcome, glad I could help This watch really got me excited and very busy lately, I've read the entire thread on WUS, tried many many straps, contacted Strapcode about the bracelet, ordered extra straps, but haven't even worn it once I like to look at the damn thing, but simply don't see myself wearing a 38mm green dialled watch with gold indices..I can't convince myself to sell it either, so I think I have to order a 100$ bracelet first and THEN sell it with a substantial loss. Business as usual..
  10. SARB017 Alpinist - strap options?

    It's not actually available if you look really good The status says "Sold out" and the page has not been updated since June. They say it will be available any day now.
  11. SARB017 Alpinist - strap options?

    Oh, I couldn't figure out the difference between the chamfer and the V-clasp and the nice lady replied that the chamfer version is more substantial. So I think the V-clasp is the way to go. Not a cheap bracelet, but I think it looks and feels way better than the OEM Seiko bracelet, which is not available for less than a hundred $.
  12. SARB017 Alpinist - strap options?

    Yeah. I contacted them and they are actually very friendly and they really put a lot of effort in answering questions. They even agreed to lower the value of the parcel, so I don't get stung by customs fees and VAT ( 22% VAT plus 16€ flat for their "services").