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    Watches Cars and Guns I do a lot of target shooting with rifles etc... but I mostly enjoy watches, and love swapping and trading so, also I'm afraid I love talking about watches as much as I like wearing them so if we are doing a deal I may ask for a contact number :)
  1. 1665 DRSD for ATGM

    Well done pal nice gesture too bet he will love that
  2. Who has the best deep sea seadweller?!

    Seriously why would you want a stolen one anyway. I mean people don't hand over there rolex usually they ain't taken in a nice way apart from the fact that it's a rep stay away from him pal or you will end up banged up ;)
  3. Presenting the Rolex Submariner v6s series

  4. New Patek movement?!?! _DC_ need your keen eyes

    this will be amazing when finished
  5. Which Rolex to buy?

    Haha one every month
  6. "Who am i Kidding"

    I whole heartedly agree however the smugness I feel knowing that the arsewhole/ nice person serving me the free latte thinks I have a pocket full of money and really I'm saving £3 from costa to spend on my next rep
  7. "Who am i Kidding"

    Yes lol problem is it hasn't passed I have been in this game along time member here for 5 years and I'm still doing it maybe the TD's latte machine is just toooo nice
  8. "Who am i Kidding"

    I just want to explain I think I have ocd, and I just wanted to ask if anyone else has this problem... Before I decide on buying a new replica I find myself trawling through shops and trying on numerous gens at the TD prior to placing my order However at this same time the TD seeing whatever I'm sporting on my wrist be it panerai rollie etc... after giving me a healthy latte offers me the brochure for the watches that I can't quite decide on and couldn't afford lol ... At this point I have built up a collection of brochures that any TD would be proud of and then I started with the boxes, Oh yes its got worse After spending money on my new reps I then hunt down all and any associated bumf box tags all the stuff No I am not trying to sell my watches to some fella down the road. I think I am just desperately trying to convince myself that its genuine :lmao: Does anyone else do this or am I in the minority ????
  9. Pitch Black...Post your Lume Shots here!

    Yes buddy lol it's Kenny's picture whilst he was modifying it mate
  10. Pitch Black...Post your Lume Shots here!

    My pelagos before it goes to its new owner :(
  11. Pitch Black...Post your Lume Shots here!

    My old 187 from Mary
  12. Pitch Black...Post your Lume Shots here!

    My old ploppy after Kenny had finished
  13. Hey buddy I hope that dude last night gets back to me with extra links from Ishmael cause I might go for that one now starting to like them
  14. Is sillix back up and running yet?

    My pumpkins are staying right where they are mate, couldnt possibly set one of them free HaHa I knew you had one of them treacle lol
  15. Is sillix back up and running yet?

    try icemix69 buddy he might have one he's the omega king lol