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  1. The apocalypse!!! It's coming.....

    Uh oh, I better double check I have all the TD's bookmarked properly...
  2. Thanks mate. I just drilled it out, wasn't too hard. I was just surprised it was needed after reading all those posts in the gen forums and no mention of having to do that. Must be a rep thing.
  3. Sport timers. Vintage Exp I and PAM

    684 or something. That new gold submersible. Already got one, this is just a supposedly cheaper variant (XF vs... V6F or something). Again to replace the one borrowed and never expected to return Posted the other variant a while back.
  4. Looks like it. I even posted in that thread... four years ago. http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=49798
  5. Ok that's a regular drill bit but anyway... Removed the permanent link pretty easily with side cutters but found the hole was too small for the screw pin. Is this normal? I see the gen guys do this but no mention of having to enlarge the hole after so I think it's a rep thing?
  6. That's fabulous!!
  7. Explorer 1016

    Lots of small inaccuracies, but I love it's at 37mm with a domed mineral crystal... I found out I have a thing for domed and/or acrylic crystals. Oh, it's $128 so... expectations tempered.
  8. Sport timers. Vintage Exp I and PAM

    Oh, and a new buckle swap... but who gets excited about buckles?
  9. Sport timers. Vintage Exp I and PAM

    $128. It's not very accurate as a rep, but it's good enough to try. One of those "no one will know except you" type things. I'm fond of the domed crystal, and the smaller size.
  10. Tiny vintage exp I cheapie. Replacement gold submersible for the one my father perpetually borrowed.
  11. Top level of watch box overrun...

    Because it's a sub like many, I came here with the intent to get a sub. Did a cheap sun. Nice sub. Narikkas sub. TC sub. V6 sub... I'm all subb'd out. There are other watches out there ...
  12. DJ and DD sport timers

    Really do like the AR and cyclops on this one.
  13. Top level of watch box overrun...

    I did subs. Now I hate subs. Let me retract that. I hate "new" subs. There are other Rolexes, they just got displaced from top shelf.
  14. Yep. Some need to go. Back to 12 over capacity of the watch boxes again...
  15. DJ and DD sport timers