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  1. How serious are you about your watch straps?

    brilliant. I'm actually due for a new wallet soon. So I might be in touch. I love the straps. Its awesome to see the straps get better and better over time.
  2. Not sure if this thread has already been made but I feel like everyone is making one now. Just saw montblanc made a smart watch. The Apple Watch (not sure why it's called the iWatch) fossil has one. Nixon has one I think. Tag has two now I believe and I'm sure I forgot some. But I can't tell if they are here to stay, I personally am not a fan, but I get it if you're into it.
  3. Just got a delivery...

    where did you find that bad boy? ebay??
  4. 19mm Oyster Band for vintage Rolex?

    Stick with the leather. I have the exact same watch. absolutely love it.
  5. childishthing's collection

    that Ron Swanson watch. very nice.
  6. Wrist Check - w/c 6th March 2017

    That my friend, looks like the Toyota Hilux of watches........... Is that good or bad?? Good in my book - unbreakable. (Another nice watch avc - if you ever have a clear out please PM me first!) I broke 1 I was unfamiliar with that model being from the US and what not. I actually used to have a toyota pickup class B RV. It was 6 month younger than I was. thing was a blast.
  7. Wrist Check - w/c 6th March 2017

    That my friend, looks like the Toyota Hilux of watches........... Is that good or bad??
  8. Check this Franken out on eBay

    you said you wanted a Gen under 2k http://www.ebay.com/...5gAAOSwB-1Yu2QY hahaha
  9. Check this Franken out on eBay

    oh yeah. 0% chance I'd even go near that franken. just thought I'd share it with everyone here.
  10. Check this Franken out on eBay

    also, What the hell is this?? Cant be a Gen. it just cant. it looks soooooo bad http://www.ebay.com/itm/Oyster-Rolex-770-datejust-diamond-dial-Yellow-gold-For-Men-/201842362436?hash=item2efebe0844:g:g5gAAOSwB-1Yu2QY
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rolex-Datejust-18k-Gold-two-tone-with-Tissot-ETA-Movement-Replacement-/302236209549?hash=item465eae918d:g:bPEAAOSw4A5Ys0qA I'm not mad. I'm just more intrigued. at least he's honest about it I suppose.
  12. 2 Grand Gen Talk!

    did you want to go brand new or used??