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  1. Guys, Did anyone tried to replace (on no date regmarimer) hour hand (wide one) for proper specified one (narrow one) for that ref model? Any sugesstions where to purchase hands set ? And is there a place where a flat cut second hand can be bought for same (regmariner) model. Watch comes from Reg with bit rounded seconds hand so I would like to know wether there's an swap option. Thanks Haltec
  2. @Op - some photos prior to Lapping? Nicely done, good priced.
  3. Momo Design Quartz $115

    Yep. Do you by any chance remember - is it a clasp with diver extension? Yes. Red is cool. But maybe to buy white and coloured it in Abyss Blue. Heh... Edit: Its solid caseback with steering wheel embossed along with specs..
  4. Momo Design Quartz $115

    on some sites says mineral and on some sapphire? Yellow one is nice. But I don't like black cased one. And silver one is sold out. edit/ they look a bit like mrs. Graham felt for the charm of Mr. Hublot but as Greg said.. for that dough.. Edit edit / Linked page for caseback says : "Sapphire Crystal display back" So.. I doubt that front is sapphire either.
  5. Sport timers. Vintage Exp I and PAM

    You really should write teasers/trailers. What Pam is it?
  6. Clasp engravings ar really bad nowadays. That's the reason why I didn't buy one. They actually try to mimic engravings by embossing. Can't turn out good. Not even decent.
  7. I know you all hate Invictas....but

    Tail? WTF??!? I never did notice it.
  8. One of the nicest TAGs, Aquagraph

    I like TAG's but not sure that I noticed this model before.. weird.. This is GEN I presume? (Is there a Rep?) edit/ I rember this model now. I rejected it beacouse rubbery push buttons. Otherwise beautiful watch. Here's one: http://m.ebay.com/itm/Tag-Heuer-Aquagraph-Chronograph-500m-Automatic-Mens-Watch-CN211A-/112499867608?epid=211598088&hash=item1a3183bfd8%3Ag%3AnIcAAOSw6WlZe6wr&_trkparms=pageci%253A8a6f95c9-777f-11e7-b016-74dbd180857b%257Cparentrq%253Aa2f4b54815d0aa14f71c5f0bfffde0ab%257Ciid%253A6
  9. DJ and DD sport timers

    Only problem with DD is plating. Can't force myself to like something plated. (Even it's gold) Yes. I do HAVE problem with my HIFI devices interconection cables also. :giggle:
  10. DJ and DD sport timers

    Where those two prettyboys are sourced from? Love the DJII..
  11. My new Helenarou 6538 Big Crown Submariner

    Better than Athaya??? Few HR Crown photos, please. Emphasise on BREVET inscription. Thnx
  12. DHGate Speedmaster cheapness

    WOW those are great!!! No FORALL engraving as usual on Quartz version. Thnx!!!!!! Omega logo on Crown Please!!!
  13. What kind of workshop do you have? None. But I know a guys that are maybe largest 316L product manufacturers in my country. They are working for pharma company that I am working too. Sometimes they have projects which lasts 12-24 months to build, so they're pretty skilled with 316L
  14. @NCRich - 316l shouldn't be hard (read expensive) to add to CG's.. Thought on that? (If it bothers you so) Not sure though how it would actually appeared after the machining buffing polishing.. Since is welded on..