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    Hahaha! The only thing I ever get from Disneyland/World is an inappropriate groping of my wallet. We were pass holders for many years when we lived in CA so we did get our money's worth. But now that we have to plan a whole trip around it...lawd have mercy! I want that 2 Tones Bluesy type personally.

    Looks good! Not sure if they could have made the rehaut deeper though...regardless I'll be picking one up before the family disney trip!
  3. Assness' watch is a beaut! Of course when you manage as much as he does a Patek is pocket change.
  4. Pretty sure I've seen Flex Wheeler (pro body builder) sporting those gigantic time pieces on instagram. They are ugly as sin
  5. Nautilus 5711 Lite?

    Holy Dead Thread Batman...I remember the watch I saw when I started this thread. Oh so many moons ago...
  6. 5711 40th anniversary BP vs MK

    BP Nautilus' have been pretty consistent, with the exception of the V2 being a bit too thick with the decorated movement.
  7. Good deal on a sea dweller at trusty

    Has anyone done a hands on with the BP one? Everywhere I look it's the NOOB (which I'm taking as a hint), but no real reviews on the BP version. The immediate thing that stands out to me is the bezel. Those numbers look like they gained the freshman 50
  8. Fatter numbers in the bezel and fatter hand bases on A. B is the Gen but dang they are getting much closer!
  9. First Factory to make these gets all the $$$ €€€ £££

    In for the Railmaster!
  10. The "post your Rolex" thread

    TC on a new NATO :)
  11. Noob ceramic Sea-dweller 116600 v2 SA3135 (picts inside)

    Super nice! I think that would make a nice companion for my TC 16610
  12. Nautilus 5711 BP v1 vs. v2 question

    Hmmmmmm, new one you say? I'll be interested to check that one out. I didn't care for the V2, the extra thickness actually made it uncomfortable for me to wear.
  13. I dig it! I've started to like these RM's more and more lately.
  14. Genuine Wrist Check - March '17

    Co-worker let me try this one on today for a few minutes...don't mind the incorrect date, I let him adjust his own watch ;)
  15. Just ordered this bad boy...

    I dig it!