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  1. Because the idiot is, clearly, not actually looking at it?
  2. The Saga Continues

    You could use an emoji.........
  3. The Saga Continues

    ....did you say "basically, it's a B&R" ?....... I think you've lost your respect and admiration towards watches.
  4. Results of Watch Gang Subscription

    It's the scratches on the bezel, scratches all going in a radius effect, which turn it into a piece of.......... That's not patina, those are scratches in a sunburst style.
  5. Results of Watch Gang Subscription

    I just found a watch on the curbside, nicely patina'ed, too! You can have it for half that.
  6. Under $3k what do you think

    That bezel....that's really nice. The additional depth there along with the internal lume is perfect. It states that there are gas tubes in the bezel, so they are hidden and what we see is the glow then? Because I hate the look of the tubes and was hoping that they could be made into different forms. Which I gues they could as long as the form was still a container-type piece, but then it would be too costly to make something other than a simple tube form.
  7. Funky Pi Watch...

    Yes, of course, no worries. It's too bad that there's not more to it than looks, it would be interesting to see how that would be achieved.
  8. Funky Pi Watch...

    But it still reads as a regular watch would, yes? So.....
  9. That's still around?! I mean, those are round, but......
  10. Besides me thinking that whenever I see someone wearing a Rollie I think they're a tool, how are these "tool" watches? Like that's it, they can't be anything else. Whomever has one has got no idea what to do with it besides seeing the time.... and seeing it as a status symbol. It might not be Patek status, but it's a milestone to a lot.
  11. The pearls I normally see are usually off centered...... that's because my aim is off..........
  12. Has anyone have a replica like this?

    Stop right there, I can tell from this side of the planet that the sub at 3 is wayyyyyy the F off!
  13. PM with intent on all three! Me first, outta my f'n way!!!!!!!!!
  14. Vanguards ETA Clone Automatic

    Yes, so like the center one in your signature photo at the bottom. I need me one like that, badly!
  15. Vanguards ETA Clone Automatic

    Nice! I thought that on some models the numerals were hollow, all of these are filled. Am I incorrect?