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  1. Ah nice calling RWI staff morons! @greg_r @trailboss99 https://forum.replica-watch.info/threads/wheres-the-advice-thread-about-td-mistakes.388953/page-2#post-3600486
  2. hulk v7 paint got scratched

    Repainting is not a option, you need a new dial
  3. The apocalypse!!! It's coming.....

    Aw, gregs insists you're such a nice guy too.... ah well, I'll say hello when I pop by
  4. The apocalypse!!! It's coming.....

    Normally I'd say everyone is welcome at RG during the downtime but for Stu I'll make an exception
  5. F-ing photobucket even killed that thread ;-(
  6. The Perks of Being A VIP/Supporter

    Nice man!
  7. Hi from the Netherlands

    Hi mate, welcome I'm also from the Netherlands.
  8. Very nice! And please dont apply lume :)
  9. Fucking photobucket

    Strange as my links seems to be working still? Perhaps FREE has ads but has 3rd Party Hosting? Choose the plan that’s right for you and enjoy the premium member benefits. Plus 50 offers 50GB of Storage and No Linking or 3rd Party Hosting Plus 100 offers 100GB of Storage, Unlimited Linking and No 3rd Party Hosting Plus 500 offers 500GB of Storage, Unlimited Linking and 3rd Party Hosting* Ad free browsing
  10. Very nice dirt cheap beater

    Looks decent apart from the datewheel haha. The 6 is smaller and higher than the 2!
  11. Hi any old timers around?

    Hi mate, Nice v2 Skyland! When is someone considered an old timer? ;-)
  12. Is Purple tint Normal for a 116655 YM Rhodium?

    Just so people can educate you here this is what you said in the shoutbox: @ ShovelnTC: Calm down and discuss this with a moderator before doing something that will cause you more grief when you find yourself banned and unable to trade with any dealers or members. 4 minutes ago @ ShovelnTC: irockthe bear we do understand as we have seen this over and over, new guys crying because thay have not done their homework and then trying to make others be responsible for their oversights 5 minutes ago @ Lirik: Of course 6 minutes ago @ irockthebear: you just dont understand your not in my situation. 6 minutes ago @ Lirik: Every single BP with a colored dial has this blue/purple/pink tone 6 minutes ago @ Lirik: Well, clearly not 6 minutes ago @ Lirik: The number 1 tip everyone always tells every noob is to do research. And you didn't do enough. 6 minutes ago @ irockthebear: I did a ton of research 7 minutes ago @ Lirik: That's not how it works here. It's the buyers responsibility to do research, and if he doesn't it's his own fault. 7 minutes ago @ irockthebear: You need to make it as clear as possible for buyers. 8 minutes ago @ pure b: I can now understand why a lot of TDs don't accept PP anymore. Those morons ruin your business and make sure you lose a lot of money 10 minutes ago @ wimpie007: If you file pp over this you will be banned and blacklisted at all the dealers! 10 minutes ago @ Lirik: End of 10 minutes ago @ Lirik: It's your fault 10 minutes ago @ pure b: Bye bye bear 10 minutes ago @ Lirik: He shouldn't 10 minutes ago @ irockthebear: that is just a fact of life and a cost of doing business, he should exchange. 10 minutes ago @ pure b: If you file a dispute that would be the end of your adventure with quality reps as you will be banned everywhere 10 minutes ago @ Lirik: If you file in a PP claim you will be banned from all forums and your shipping address will be added to the scammer list. 11 minutes ago @ Lirik: Josh can't do much about noobs who don't educate themselfs and just order 11 minutes ago @ ShovelnTC: irockthebear just saying that you are going to make a PP claim can get you banned here and on the other forums, please read the forum rules mate. 11 minutes ago @ Lirik: It's his fault he didn't do more research 11 minutes ago @ Lirik: The customer received what he ordered 11 minutes ago @ pure b: Its not that the product is faulty 12 minutes ago @ pure b: He doesn't LIKE 14 minutes ago @ irockthebear: Look, I'd be different if I were scamming for a free watch, but this is a customer receiving something he doesnt like. 14 minutes ago @ ShovelnTC: 15 minutes ago @ irockthebear: True, but Paypal policy states you have 60 days to refund or exchange if you are unhappy with the item and I paid via Paypal so the TOS apply. 16 minutes ago @ wimpie007: If you ask a salesmen of cars which one you should choose he will say the one he has the most profit on. You were the one deciding 17 minutes ago @ irockthebear: I asked Josh if I should do Noob or JF he said to go with BP. 17 minutes ago @ wimpie007: @yllekp headsup 17 minutes ago @ wimpie007: So they you should have ordered A JF or Noob ;-) 18 minutes ago @ irockthebear: I did a ton of research, there is info on Noob and JF, nothing on BP. 18 minutes ago @ wimpie007: You should have researched yourself 19 minutes ago @ irockthebear: It does not say anywhere that BP Dials are purple and the QC pics were Grey. 20 minutes ago @ wimpie007: Because PP claiming will ruin the pp option for the rest of us. All BP dial have the purple, you received what you ordered so why would you PP claim 22 minutes ago @ irockthebear: why? 30 minutes ago @ wimpie007: If you file a PP claim you will be banned here and on all the other boards 33 minutes ago @ irockthebear: He's got to give me an exchange, the QC pics are different than the item, if he doesnt I will file a Paypal claim.
  13. Is Purple tint Normal for a 116655 YM Rhodium?

    So you order a BP, you get a BP and you blame Josh? What I hear the BP dial is closest to gen mate
  14. new member

    Looking at the title I thought someone got a new member