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  1. Nice. Movement looks good relative to some of the vintage Seikos that are currently offered out there. I've been looking too and the prices on bullhead Seiko 6138s is getting CCCRRRAAAZZZZYYYY. I'm thinking now is a good time to buy those Citizens, as they're probably going to see some overflow demand soon.
  2. Dreieckig Versand durch Toro Bravo
  3. New to RWG

    Welcome from a former Texan.
  4. The difference in the quality of service at two gen manufacturers at which I had to have watches repaired was interesting. 1. Suunto Elementum Terra - I bought the watch secondhand and promptly dropped it, which cracked the LCD. It was out of warranty, but I sent it in to their service center to get it fixed. I requested they provide a cost estimate. Within a week, they sent me back a new replacement watch at no charge. It very well could be a reconditioned new watch (don't know this to be true); nevertheless, pretty incredible on an out of warranty watch for which the malfunction was clearly not related to anything they did. 2. Glycine Combat Iguana - I bought it new. Within the first couple months, the torquing force required to turn the crown became quite incredible. Sent it in under warranty. They indicated that they needed to replace the crown and stem (hmm?) and projected 2 weeks repair time. They sent it back 10 weeks later. To replace a stem and crown. On a relatively generic 2824-2 movement.
  5. One of the more appealing designs. I believe all deposits are nonrefundable however...and for a watch that is well behind the stated schedule and before a true proof of concept has been completed for the smart watch (in the appropriate form factor). So, a good amount of risk at this point.
  6. Wristshot !!! Sent from.... Bla bla bla Sure, here you go...
  7. Hey, I just took a quick pic (sorry for the bad quality, silly me, just brought my iPhone)...anybody need anything while I'm here? Before you ask, yes, we're both wearing our Moonie reps today.
  8. Hearing some bad news from china

    Obviously YOU didn't join the military...'cos they would have DEMANDED...minimal comprehension and READING skills......please enlighten me by showing where I stated VAST fortune......and given that it's a relative term...by which set of parameters do you define VAST. BTW...I'm not blind to my biases...I'm entirely biased and cogniscent of them...particularly against stupidity...deal with it....I can't help you with your narrow-minded world view... Besides which, if I had sought your opinion...I'd have sent it to you ! Well,you help me out Bald, since you are the one who felt the need to express the original thought. I never "narrowed" this discussion to a single country...I respect any person, irrespective of country, who can weight the greatest human need for survival against the benefit that their service affords...and they still stand up and put their existence on the line. It appears to be you who has narrowed this to the American military. So, just to clarify the opinion you stated so opaquely, help me please: 1. Are American military members mindless fools? 2. Are Non-American military members mindless fools, smart or just kind of average? 3. Are non-military Americans mindless fools also? Thanks
  9. Hearing some bad news from china

    Well, you're entitled to your opinion.....as am I, ..I have every respct for those who fought for their country...WWII veterans.....unfortunately in the present conflicts..they're not doing that...ergo...I'm not required or obliged to respect those who are fighting ideologically / politically flawed and jingoistic operations in other nations... ! Your self-adoration blinds you to you biases and now causes you to miscast your own words. You didn't question the appropriateness of specific military campaigns, you maligned the motives of each and every individual who makes the individual choice to put their life on the line, when they join the military, for something other than themselves. Your level of self-absorption and aggrandizement (the need to inform of your vast fortune, as you referred to it) has reached the point that your psyche must reject the idea that someone, of their own free will, could choose to sacrifice for something beyond their own personal gain, and instead, you dismiss their personal actions as those of misguided fools. Congrats, you're the man.
  10. Hearing some bad news from china

    Well, at least through your words, you've laid bare the need to reconsider the assumed correlation between post count and value/character.
  11. Hearing some bad news from china

    Most times the shoe does fit......especially when they post on this forum We can only aspire to the admirable level of bravery you display everyday on your keyboard.
  12. Hearing some bad news from china

    @YahButWhy....what was the reference I made ? that dr_v was a fag and went to boystown... which is just stating the obvious imo In addition, Baldrick decreed that those who choose to serve their country are simple-minded fools...but hey, that's fine because he has a lot of posts, right?
  13. RWG watch. PM Luthier to get one

    He is entitled to his opinion, as are you. He is entitled to not like people with differing opinions, as are you. I never implied he couldn't have his opinion...I called it out for what it was. Just as if someone was to say, "I think all (insert race here) people are worthless" or "All people who like cheesecake are worthless," this is an ignorant opinion that follows from faulty and unstated premises. Sometimes, when people fail to address what you have said directly, they are, in fact, addressing you. Silence can speak volumes, ya know? That's the point! It's not silence - it's ad hominem attack based on complete ignorance of me (except a screen name). FYI... you do need to work on the grammar a bit, but we tend to be very forgiving about that sort of thing around here. Please, if you feel like it's important to point it out, I invite you to correct it. Have you told us why you chose that screen name? Inquiring minds want to know. Eh...I kind of enjoy reading the epistemological truths that are divined from the magical combination of bammer and 7.
  14. RWG watch. PM Luthier to get one

    And just to circle this back to my original post, which was calling El'quist out on the apparent state of enlightenment in which he thinks himself given the ease with which he dismisses the worth of millions of people of who he knows nothing (i.e. "wingnuts")... That is EXACTLY the nature of the responses I have received...no attempt to address anything I've said. Instead, just attempts to dismiss me as even worthy of response based on my screen name (My screen name! Incredible!) This is what happens when in a state of ignorance (nobody knows who I am = El'quist doesn't know those who he calls "wingnuts"), one tries to draw conclusive meaning about the worth of indivuals (I have a 7 IQ = they are "wingnuts") from irrelevant scraps of information (my screen name is bammer7 = these people listen to Limbaugh).
  15. RWG watch. PM Luthier to get one

    Yes, I've been lying in wait since November...oh, oh, be still my beating heart, this is the moment I've been waiting for...