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  1. Congrats Genius, looking forward to your pics.
  2. Hi, great gesture promoting membership. Been considering getting a new leather strap for my BR02 for a while now, so please count me in.
  3. I broke down and bought an Invicta (God help me)

    Look at your phone - duh!
  4. ebay dssd

    Read your reply, and very informative and educational it was, thank you;- Maybe I WILL order me one of the cheap 4 Bar testers from China, now I'm armed with a little bit of knowledge!
  5. 1665

    Read the rules!
  6. ebay dssd

    Exactly - seller claimes waterproofed to a very deep level - where's the evidence. Personally I wouldn't wear a rep case in the shower until I've had the watch pressure checked, and even then the best pressure check I can find without sending off to be certified is 4 bar, or 40 metres - probably only sufficient for surface swimming, possibly some modest snorkelling.
  7. The apocalypse!!! It's coming.....

    Guess I'm going to have to hibernate for the next week or so - weather in Wales is appropriate for hibernation!
  8. New PC Site?

    Back up for me also (as the Actress said to the Bishop).
  9. New PC Site?

    You used this one: http://www.pf-818.com/ Yes, and I checked the TD section where that is still listed as the URL. Has it changed again? Empty your browser history, your cache and clean your cookies. Tried this on Gmail advanced settings. Now when I try to go to PC site I get a screen stating the Domain has Expired. Same thing happens to my Brother in Canada Also Tried Joshua's link, still I am unable to get to the website;- http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=103366 Has the address been changed?
  10. Watch winder giveaway VIPs/supporters

    Please count me in - awesome gesture.
  11. Isn't it nice...

    Right on the first two counts. wrong on the third - there's no camera. Sound is a vibration in air, that's why sound cannot travel through a vacuum. Transponder hears (or rather feels) the ticking of the watch and analyses the difference between the tick and the tock for amplitude, beat error and frequency - marvelous bit of kit.
  12. Amazon Prime Day Deals

    Invicta seem to set their RRP's unrealistically high, then sell off with a significant saving on RRP. More often than not you still end up paying over the odds for a cheap quartz watch. Some of the Swiss made invicta automatics are reasonable value, but at this price point, there are other manufacturers offering better quality.
  13. Please bear in mind that Chinese is a very different language to English (or any Latin derived language for that matter). What you write in a message may be interpreted into a totally different meaning. For that reason you need to make your message as clear and simple as possible. Write as if you're trying to explain to a six year old. I have dealt with only a few TD's on this site, and every time I've had problems, I've looked back and realised that I failed to explain precisely and simply what my wishes and expectations were. The TD's I have dealt with so far have been excellent people, and act as if it is their best desire not only to satisfy you, but to delight you.
  14. DHL shipping. Your advice please

    Thanks Fox, put my mind at rest. Didn't want to call in case I tipped my hand - 'Where's my replica watch?' doh! Splke - my instints exacly - but still an anxious moment.
  15. DHL shipping. Your advice please

    I am waiting on a delivery from Perfect Clones. Following the tracking it seems the package left Hong Kong via DHL Express, and landed at Leipzig this morning. The package has now been marked as 'ON HOLD' Perfect Clones have sent me a message pointing out there is a delivery exception for this package, and I should direct any enquiries to DHL My instinct is to do nothing, and wait and see what happens with this package I seem to remember other members having issues with DHL, and any advice would be very welcome in this. Thank you all.