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  1. Can't post at RWI

    You had not replied to the email. I've approved you but you may wish to make sure you are receiving mail from us. BTW we do have a Help Desk you could have accessed.
  2. The apocalypse!!! It's coming.....

    As I said guys, RWI will be there so don't panic.
  3. The apocalypse!!! It's coming.....

    No need to panic, RWI will be up most of the time, just may be a bit slow now and again. Couldn't be helped as our fancy new distributed storage was fragmenting due to an update the hosts installed and forgot to warn us about. Partly fixed already, avatars are all back and photo hosting should be almost there. The rest of the issues are stuff that more concerns the backroom boys than users.
  4. That's Phong's son, quite trustworthy.
  5. I know you all hate Invictas....but

    I prefer Rich's more subtle one myself. Mickey's a bit big in this one.
  6. I changed my opinion of Invicta

    Where? That's the best looking watch with the mouse on it I've seen and I want one. You sure? Ask Toro or Jorge about my collection, they've seen about a third of it and near passed out.
  7. TD list

    How do you know we've not already done that....? :Whistle: So when do I get my invite to the real RWG? When you come off super secret triple probation.
  8. This one does look better because of the darker chrome IMHO.
  9. By-Tor's tribute to replica Rolex Explorer II's

    Thanks BT, really appreciate it! #photobucketareevil
  10. Wedding Present List

    You "may end up telling her to just fund me a few quality reps instead"? Tell her? Oh my son you have a steep learning curve ahead!Even ignoring the tone of that statement would you really want reps as a wedding gift from your wife? Jesus man, pick a nice affordable dress watch in her price bracket and get that! At least it has substance. For under a grand she can buy a nice Chris Ward or Frederique Constant. FC have fine autos starting from under a grand and are of a quality one would expect to see in the hands of one's grandchildren. But honestly mate, fake watches as a wedding gift instead of a ring? :facepalm: ​PS: are you really sure you understand what marriage is and what it means?
  11. Three kinds of people buy from non trusted dealers. There are those who have been doing this for a long time and are willing to take a chance on a non TD based on years of experience. Without these guys we would be in trounie. Without them we would have no new dealers coming thru and if its one thing I know its that dealers don't last forever, the only two that have been around since the beginning of the fora are River and Connie (Kingwatch), the rest came later. Therefore without a constant trickle of new dealers we will eventually be pressed for choice. The second kind are those who know no better, who ordered without having found one of the fora. For these people I have pity. The third are silly noobs who ignore good advice and order from non trusted sites anyway. For this mob I have no pity whatsoever.