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  1. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    Again? FFS Micky how predictable can one guy be? You're an idiot. Nope, shouldn't be. Dealers should have control of their sections yes but never should they have mod rights in their review section. What is the point of a review section if the dealer can control what stays and what gets binned?
  2. return seized by chinese customs id required.

    On guns, drugs and biosecurity yes. On a single watch? Meah. TD is not liable, he didn't ship you did. No retailer anywhere will be held liable for lost return shipping. Did the dealer tell you to ship DHL?
  3. Spotted in my local FaceAche Selling page

    Holy crap! Got wok? It has been quite some time since I have seen something that bad. That lives on the far side of John's famous missing link.
  4. New microbrand

    https://www.karlskronawatch.com/products/karlskrona-midnattssol-precision-dive-watch?variant=3224876285982 This mob have just started to take orders after a year of sending me updates. Nice clean dive watch with a dead reliable Seiko MVT for $229 at the introductory price.
  5. 904L Reps are coming any news on some new ones?

    It's impossible to tell the difference (trust me on this, we did a blind test several years ago) so unless you are planning on leaving your watch under water for a year or exposing it to some very nasty acids it's a moot point. 904L is a marketing ploy by Rolex and so it shall be with rep makers.
  6. NUKED:

    WTF??? This isn't a sales area dude.
  7. Hello from the UK

    I'm not even sure that's a V6 TBH. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Restoring a Grail - The Seiko 6117-8000 Navigator

    That's one classy looking Seiko that is.
  9. Anyone wear a Deepsea Challenge much?

    I don't know about engineering master piece, they simply made a huge case that they had 100% faith in to take the pressure. I could do that. AFIK Cameron kept his, why not surf to his FB page and ask him?
  10. Hi and a few ?????

    Welcome home. RWI is another board entirely, no direct relation except that of good neighbors.
  11. Rejected QC, Timeline?

    Please post the pic here, I give you permission to do so.
  12. Any 3D print hobbists?

    Either of the above will work, forget the printing.
  13. WHere to sell my used rep/?

    Provide greg_r with enough details of your old account and he may give you access to it again.
  14. Laser Engraver.

    Nope, these cheapies don't engrave metallic or reflective surfaces.
  15. Anyone wear a Deepsea Challenge much?

    Wear it? LOL, I have one but actually wearing it?