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  1. Own up, who else wears two watches?

    I hope nobody here wears two at the same time. It seems like a silly thing to do, like those people who wear 15 case scratching bracelets with their watch
  2. The Saga Continues

    This isn't me or my watches, I just post them here
  3. The Saga Continues

    Yes, they are all from the same person. I call him the Serbian Werewolf
  4. The Saga Continues

    Sarcasm is hard to convey through text
  5. thanks for the links, I didn't think to check that.
  6. Results of Watch Gang Subscription

    Definitely ragged looking, but we disagree on the POS part. If it was in fact a POS, I would have no problem admitting that, but the specs are that of a decent budget watch. Is it worth $699 or even the $650 I sold it at? Definitely not. But I was able to make some money on it, and I plan to try again next month. I'll admit that I have very specific tastes with my watches, but it's fun to try out new things, especially because, at the very least, I can make my money back.
  7. Results of Watch Gang Subscription

    It was actually sold for $650 less than half an hour after posting. I get the comments, and I agree that the style is out there, but it felt really solid overall. Most members of this watch group seem to be new and are more after looks than the details we look for here (movement, crystal, assembly method). As a result, quartz is king over there, and certain models and brands make them go crazy, which at the moment is Out Of Order, Deep Blue, and the lower end Tag Huer quartz models. I got lucky and was able to make a healthy profit on my gamble, and as a result, I'll be subscribing again next month to see what comes in. So, is it junk? I don't think so... It's got a reliable, workhorse movement, 100m water resistance, 2 year warranty, and styling that the members there like and will pay close to retail for. Out of the deal I got another free month of membership there, as well as some play money to put towards the next casino trip, so I'm extremely pleased. Nah, that one came like that. The heat treat craze has died off... I wonder why
  8. The Saga Continues

    The fugly watch saga continues. It's basically a Bell & Ross
  9. Results of Watch Gang Subscription

    It feels pretty nice to be honest, and has its 2 year warranty, so I wouldn't say one should be upset to get this for $299. It's definitely a gamble with the sunscription, and while this may not be to my (or your) taste, it's at least an easy sell at a good profit.
  10. Results of Watch Gang Subscription

    True it's heavily distressed, but with the leather band, it doesn't look too bad. Even if less distressed, I'm not a fan of vintage styles, so this will most likely be sold off.
  11. I said that I would update everyone with the results of my WatchGang test subscription, and here it is. Although I'm not a huge fan of vintage style watches, this one is pretty nice for the money. This cost me $299 for the month subscription, and if I decide I don't want it (I'm still on the fence), multiple people on the official group have offered all the way up to full retail ($699) to buy it, so there is profit in my experiment at least. This is a brand called Out Of Order, and they distress and damage most of their line of watches, with this one being a homage to the Pepsi Rolex. Although the bracelet is a little more worn than I would like, it also comes with a leather strap. Overall, I'm happy with this test, and if I sell it I will be trying out another month with part of the profits to see what else I can get. I did get exceedingly lucky with what I was sent, but overall it seems that people are getting watches that are at least worth their membership. Full specs are below: Stainless steel case 44 mm with turning bezel.Flat mineral glass.Stainless steel screw case back.Screw CrownWater resistant 10 ATM (100 meters)Strap 22 mm SS with interchangeable genuine leather strapMovement Miyota automatic 8215Made in Italy
  12. Funky Pi Watch...

    Still better than an Invicta
  13. Insert jumped off my watch

    Where was it hiding?
  14. Jeweller refused to pressure test

    It sounds like you already know that reps aren't guaranteed to be water resistant (there is no such thing as waterproof, even with gens). Most members know to keep their reps away from the pool, and don't feel the need to pressure test. If you feel that you must, I would take it to a real watchsmith and not some mall stand. If you can't find a local one easily, there are forum watchsmiths that can pressure test for you.