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  1. How the hell do you search on DHGate?

    Endless hours of searching will yield a watch or two worth looking at. It's a bottomless pit in some respects.
  2. video from Breitling Baselworld 2017 booth

    I have my fingers crossed for a smaller version.............and then a rep of that smaller version. I don't think that's too much to ask......
  3. video from Breitling Baselworld 2017 booth

    Breitling seem to love the new military strap. I have a rep one on my Avenger Blackbird and it's pretty decent for a rep. I bet the real deal is nice for the price. That Navi Rattrapante is such an awesome watch in terms of movement design and engineering. The mind boggles at the detail involved in having such an accurate mechanical movement but I would want the bracelet though. That much money culminating in the rubber strap is a bit of an anti climax.
  4. video from Breitling Baselworld 2017 booth

    That's the new Colt, I'm not a fan personally, the numerals look like they printed the dial wrong where they've tried to add that depth.
  5. New Week Wrist Check - 27th March 2017

    Still loving this one.
  6. Wrist Check - w/c 20th February 2017

    Another day, another Breitling SuperOcean. I think I like this one better.
  7. Wrist Check - w/c 20th February 2017

    Two ancient Brietlings in one day. Back from when Brietlings were cool. Circa 2013. Alas, the color blue is still wrong. I had briefly considered changing my dial, but then got completely distracted by the thousands of other watches I could buy. I've figured nobody will ever notice, and if they did, they likely own a rep or two anyway
  8. Wrist Check - w/c 20th February 2017

    After nearly 4 years of use, this thing is still going. Thought I'd give it a new lease of life with a cheap Ocean Racer strap.
  9. Wrist check w/c 30-Jan-2017

    Long time no post here. Had this a week or two, still loving it.
  10. FIM is a better looker in my opinion so it gets my vote, but I'm sure as great as they look in pics the real thing in the flesh is enough to make it a tough decision.
  11. Photobucket problems

    I used to use the photobucket mobile site but it got so laggy and full of pointless ads that I've given up posting pics. I've been meaning to work out a new way to do it but not gotten around to it. I might try some of the links above though.
  12. Another USPS, well, mail in general, thread

    China - USA I've always had no problems with DHL. when I lived in the UK I tried several different carriers and all seemed to either misplace things, batter them about or take forever to do anything in terms of movement. All it takes is one idiot and the whole show is brought down, unfortunately it seems that USPS is staffed entirely by idiots.
  13. Rolex Falls Off Wrist

    jesus thats painful It left a sour taste, worst part of it all was that the springbars that let go that day were genuine Breitling that came with the gen bracelet that I got for my SuperOcean 42, it could've so easily ended badly.
  14. Rolex Falls Off Wrist

    Humidity here in the Midwest causes my wrist to expand, last year to the point where my watch was so tight it popped a spring bar. Luckily I caught the watch.