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  1. Rolex reps made with 904L steel

    ^^ This. I have the Gen with 904L and the Noob Rep (316L): no difference whatsoever. White gold: THAT makes a difference upon 316L. Weight and yellowish tone. That's why the hands and indexes on the Gen have a different hue compared to the reps, but the case and bracelet? Well, no. Let's go 316 all the way and put this 904 bluff out of the way once and for all.
  2. 114060 Submariner No Date Replicas - Opinions?

    Go for the V7 and forget the gen insert. I guess the latter is more an urban myth. AFAIK Rolex doesn't sell spare parts, and replaces their stuff only at authorized repair centers, with their watches at hand to see why the parts have to be replaced. Upon repair, they give you a listing of which parts have been changed.
  3. 114060 Submariner No Date Replicas - Opinions?

    You're welcome! If your concern is the bezel, better not buying any rep of that model, or even an Omega. That is where the gens make the difference (and beware: I am not justifying the cost of the gen in any way). Go and have a look at the production process of a Cerachrom or a LiquidMetal (for this there is an Omega video) bezel and think that our Chinese friends just take a ring of ceramic and paint it... That will never be close to the gen.
  4. 114060 Submariner No Date Replicas - Opinions?

    You can't compare them out of those pics... I have the Gen and Noob V7 and made a comparison a while ago in these forums: Noob has awfully dark bezel fonts, which "disappear" in low light conditions. In the sun, you are fine, the rest is pretty much OK. Of course, if you put them side by side, differences come up (*), but very few will face that situation in real life... A couple of years ago I had bought a BP, with many visual flaws and sold it after a few days, maybe they have improved it, dunno. (*) Rehaut is crispier on the Gen; ceramic bezel is better polished, bezel fonts are slightly larger and a bit reflective due to applied platinum, rotor doesn't make any noise, bezel clicks differently...
  5. :) No, nothing wrong with the pearl, it's just the light.
  6. Well, that would be unfair! :) Obviously a 300$ rep can't stand the comparison to a 6k one made with (highly boasted) exclusive production techniques and ultra-anal QC, but, in the middle, there are a number of considerations we can take. For example, how to improve the reps to look better against the gen. I am trying to contact Noob via one of our Trusted dealers. My knowledge, I guess, can help. I hope they answer... ;)
  7. Rolex Submariner 114060 NoDate Hands-on

    As soon as I receive a macro tube for my lenses I will try to post better, detailed, pictures (also if Photobucket is slightly less crappy), but it's white here, bright white. There is a silver accent, but not plain gray as Noob now makes it. No way. Some days ago I had the chance to put the two side by side and took a cellphone pic. Let's hope I find it and I will post it here. I don't see the grey colour in the latest noob models, it's definitely a metallic colour, similar to the genuine article. Though not as complex in its shades. Well, yes, kinda tough to describe and explain :) Today, with the sun finally out, I could realize that is somewhat metallic as you say, but more towards white than silver/grey. The last Noobs I had, were far too grey, almost "disappearing" in low light conditions. Head to the pics thread: there you will see the hue. Amazing that the platinum deposits can be seen only with ultra-macro photos or a loupe. But, again, Noobs were closer to the original when they were white, not now, IMHO.
  8. Rolex Submariner 114060 NoDate Hands-on

    Pictures of the watch here
  9. Hi guys, here is my first attempt at macro photography. Below in this forum you can find the first impressions of this watch. First, a wristie: Bracelet (note the red protective sticker... :D ) Lume: Dial: Well, these following details have always been a pain in the ass with reps. The alignment of this stuff: :D Pearl insert: Hands detail: Now, that is impressive: look at the precision of the cuts here: Index detail: The famous lines upon which thousands of posts were made (spacing, font, ft, blah blah blah) :D : Note the "Swiss made" writing: from what I remember, is different on Noobs. Clasp insignia (behind protective sticker): SEL fitting: Clasp (note the protective stickers are cut out to fit the crown and clasp parts...): SEL fitting, front shot: Bracelet finish (I swear this is not an Autocad drawing...): Crown: Bracelet screws: Triplock insignia:
  10. Rolex Submariner 114060 NoDate Hands-on

    First of all thanks everyone for the kind words: you are tempting me to wear it! :) About the bracelet: when I first started getting NoDate reps I think we were as far back as v2, and those were plain wrong, as the gen has only three fixed links, while that one had 4, so you were called out on... a simple count: One, two, three, REP! :D That was solved around v6,5 or v7, I don't remember, OK, on to the quality. The only noticeable difference is that the Gen has a more refined Glidelock: it runs very smoothly, whereas the Rep sometimes is rough and not so easy to operate. Of course that varies greatly (I handled quite a few reps, since I also had a couple of Hulks). But nothing that can't be solved with some use. The security lock is stiffer than the Rep, but also here, experiences are greatly different: I remember once I had one of the two pins who hold in place the security lock stuck, no way to make it work: it flipped open very easily. Recently I bought a Daytona 116500 which flips open as it's not sized correctly and the pins are unable to reach their holes... We all know that QC in this area is pretty much careless, to say the least, so it's cross fingers, every time. :( A curious note about the bracelet: I said to the AD that I could resize the bracelet for myself, and he said no. I asked why? He told me that when they resize, they put a small quantity of a Threadlocker which holds the screw in place, otherwise, as happens with our beloved Reps, the screws come loose. :) I suggest everyone does this: it happened to me once that one of the Glidelock screws came loose. At that point you are pretty much screwed, because you can't operate the mechanism, as the screw gets stucked in the Glidelock "channel" and you can'y lift it and you can't access it. To recover from that I remember that I nearly destroyed the clasp... :(
  11. Rolex Submariner 114060 NoDate Hands-on

    Thank you mate! Yeah looks good a timeless piece: my hope is that it goes up in value. For a while I will keep it in "as new" condition, then I will decide... ;) ...next step: buy another Noob V7 and whiten the bezel indexes (20 € job) for day-to-day use! :D
  12. Rolex Submariner 114060 NoDate Hands-on

    As soon as I receive a macro tube for my lenses I will try to post better, detailed, pictures (also if Photobucket is slightly less crappy), but it's white here, bright white. There is a silver accent, but not plain gray as Noob now makes it. No way. Some days ago I had the chance to put the two side by side and took a cellphone pic. Let's hope I find it and I will post it here.
  13. Hi guys, decided to make an investment on a Rolex Gen, bought this morning. So far I had no less than 8 reps of this watch, all gone for a reason or another. I even made reviews in the past which can be found on the forums. What to say about the Gen compared to the Reps? At the moment of writing the most popular version of this one is the Noob V7, which has an obvious, big, flaw that you can spot at a distance: the platinum effect on the bezel is plain wrong. The Gen has a very, very little amount of "shiny powder" on the bezel indexes, but it's not greyish as Noob now does it, in any way. The indexes basically look white, and IMHO, the previous versions of Noob, before this platinum frenzy kicked in, were way better. What else to say? Not much! And this is the good part. :) If you look close, very close, well, ok: -bezel indexes are thicker and deeper. Go with a loupe and you'll see the perfection in the cuts; -inner indexes have thicker profiles and the 3,6,9 ones are narrower; -the white gold hands look very different from the rep ones. But, as I said, you must be at loupe level to spot that. And, let's debunk some myths along the way: You go anal about bezels that have some play? Also the gen has it. 904L steel? WTF? Hello! It's steel! Not much difference here. Marketing crap! While buying it I tried a full-gold GMT Master II, well, THAT is a difference. Squeaky bracelets? Oh yes, The gen squeaks as well :D So, all in all, we are quite well-placed with our Chinese friends. Only a couple of minor adjustments and we will be definetely there. Updates on original post: - weight, reduced to my size (10 total links) is 153 grams, noob V7 A2836 is 143 g. (146 g. the Date version). - the rotor doesn't make ANY noise. That is really amazing. Even with the best Swiss ETAs 2824-2836 I have (Hamilton, Steinhart), if I move my ear close to the case and flip the wrist, I can hear the rotor. Not to say the 7750s or worse the Miyotas 9015s, which can be heard across a silent room. :( With this, even if you glue your ear to the case and flip it as hard as you can...nothing. One pic of the baby:
  14. Zenith - Pilot Type 20 (PIC HEAVY)

    I'm more and more interested in the bronze...can you share some pics?
  15. Zenith - Pilot Type 20 (PIC HEAVY)

    I would have written a review myself, but this is just so good. My 2 cents: this is a rep that Pilot's watches lovers can't miss. I also tried the Gen (GMT) and we are very close to perfection here. I bought two Extra Specials, one got sold quickly: I think I will re-stock as soon as I can. I bought also the GMT, a much bigger beast, while this one is just perfect for any wrist. One thing to notice is that the lateral plate has running serials, so in this thread the OP had the 0031, one of the very first ones. I bought my first one in September and had 0816, the one in December went with 1078. My 1078 says hi: