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  1. Volvo Trucks has announced a collection of driver gear inspired by the design of the new FH long haul truck. The first piece is the Driver Performance wrist watch Would you buy it??
  2. LUXURY cars and luxury watches target the same moneyed buyers, so its no surprise to see carmakers teaming with watchmakers to produce high-end timepieces. One of the latest is also one going to be one of the rarest. Just 50 of the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watches will be produced, with a price tag tipped to be $300,000 each ... about 60 per cent of the price of a Ferrari California convertible. Hublot is the official timekeeper for Scuderia Ferrari racing division, and the The MP-05 was largely inspired by the engine of the flagship LaFerrari. The titanium and carbon-fibre case houses a face that gives the impression of looking at an engine through the car's glass cover, showing 11 barrels on a spine that hold hand-wound power for 50 days, cylinders that indicate time and power reserve, and anodized aluminium reinforcing bars in Ferrari red. But even at that hefty ask, it's not the most expensive watch Hublot has created -- that honour goes to the Big Bang 5 Million, so named because of its $5 million price tag. http://video.carsguide.com.au/2381730458/Luxury-watch-celebrates-LaFerrari-engine
  3. Hello from Vancouver Canada!

    Welcome from Ottawa
  4. Payment Methods, Pro and Cons

    I set up prepaid Visa card just to deal with internet purchases. If payment is let say $350.00 I will deposit about $365.00 just to cover possible exchange diferences.This can cover transfer $$ to PP. as for the West union......Most of the dealers offer discount with will be eaten up by WU fee. So for me Prepaid Visa all the way.
  5. Luthier ""for shippment to Canada it is probably safer to use China way then Europe." "That's what I don't understand, honestly." Just from personal experience: most of packages coming from Europe (books included) were opened by canadian Customs , good thing that they do not contain Fake watches....that my point. Does any one have diferent experience??? Please also scan my comments regarding Times shop:http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=46018 Over all i am here to learn...... U are # 9....My # ...31,000 + At this point i am trying to get the watches as easy as I can.
  6. No, I do not ,mostly becouse all of the TD offer the same .I am waiting for shippment from TT and it "better be" good expirience. So far so good, but this is based just on communication. I relay on people like you Luthier as well as for the fact that TT is "almost full" TD The reason for me to choose this time TT is simple : great site,fast response to the emails and simple payment arrangement and on top of everything else for shippment to Canada it is probably safer to use China way then Europe. If I am wrong just let me know.
  7. There is so much of the disscusion about quality.The bottom line is simple...... Direct dealer or dropshipper what the problem According to the Andrew web site ,that what he stand for and who is doing that....... how cares 1. Calibration A. For Standard Automatic (Swiss ETA & Asia Clone ETA) and Quartz/Quartz Chrono, Accuracy to to +/- 10 secs. B. For Automatic Chronograph (Asia Movement, Eg. Asia 7750) , Accuracy to +/- 10 to 30 secs C. For Standard Automatic (Asia Movement, eg. 2813/4813), Accuracy to +/- 10 to 15 secs We will try out best to achieve the best accuracy / rating for you. Don't be fool be competing amatuer and novice dealers claiming they can do better accuracy then about stated. This is the best possible rating that can be achieved because these are replica watches. We will provide a picture of the watch on the calibration device and also the reading on the calibration regulation machine. **TRUSTY TIME ONLY OFFER 6 MONTHS WARRANTY ON ALL WATCHES (MOVEMENT ONLY). PARTS like STRAPS, CROWN, GLASS, BRACELETS are NOT COVERED under the 6 months warranty Example of a watch on Calibration Machine with timing readings.. You will received pic similar to this. 2. Physical /External Quality of the watch You will receive photos of your watches in FRONT, BACK and BRACELET view via email before we send out the order. The Delivery Consignment note will also be shown. Order Number and Tracking No.s sticker will be pasted on the watch itself to identify that the correct watch that was checked and shot in the photos. You will received pictures similar to these as shown below: 3. Waterproofing All watches above price of USD200 will be given FREE waterproofing service ( 1 to 3 ATM). Again we will try our best to get the best rating for you. The method of testing is the "Dry Method" using a Dry Pressure Rating Equipment such as this one. **PLEASE NOTE THAT WATERPROOFING PIC IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE QC ASSURANCE because the watchsmith office does not allow us to shoot the photographs. Thanks **PLEASE NOTE TRUSTY TIME DO NOT COVER ANY WATER DAMAGE EVEN THOUGH YOUR WATCH MIGHT BE WATERPROOFED FROM FACTORY. KEEP YOUR WATCH AWAY FROM WATER AT ALL COSTS! Please note that customers are supposed to reply within 24 hours after we send the photos. The reply should be clear and unambigous. If no reply is received, It will be deemed that you have approved the QC Pics and procedures done and the order will be sent out automatically after 24 hours. At Trusty Time, we strive to provide the best possible service pre, during and post sales service. This level and series of service unmatchable. You need not shop anywhere else !!!
  8. It take Marc 3-4 days to resond to any question. Latest from him : "sorry, Very very busy here. i just need time to reply.there are hundreds of e-mail. hope you can understand". And I do ....but Read : http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=46018
  9. Well ,send them email and ask if they have it in stock and read the following comments: http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=46018
  10. Strange EMS tracking results....

    Start using tracking of your national post office ,(using same tracking number). If your item is still in China this will not work but at least you will have a chance to check it when get to your country .
  11. Any idea how manufacter selects watches for reproduction?
  12. Hmmm......as per Breitling web page this is new watch 2013 38 mm. All Transocean available byTD are men sizes
  13. I am looking for this one for my wife: http://www.breitling.com/en/models/transocean/transocean-chronograph-38/presentation/index.php?utm_source=news&utm_medium=site&utm_content=text&utm_campaign=transocean-chronograph-38
  14. So.... how can we find out what the factory(s) is working on???
  15. OK watch and strap as per the link below http://www.timeshops.net/10412-br3020-breitling-chronomat-b01-black-dial-tt-rg-ss-ultimate-version-asian-7750-28800bph.html