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  1. News about custom orders (15/10/2017)

    Thanks Russ! I've edited the post. All back to normal now and ready to roll!
  2. Panerai Straps

    I have some matte alligator skins in stock but nothing ready to go On custom order for now
  3. Panerai fitted straps

    Curved yes, in any size but this one isn't just curved. It has an insert inside to make it fit properly. Not just a lump of thick leather made to cover the gap.
  4. Panerai Straps

    some are still available
  5. Panerai fitted straps

    Hi all! I've been working with my insert guy since a few months already to offer a new kind of straps for Panerai Luminor cases. Alot of time and effort went into this. Since everyone is selling the same kind (wich is fine by me), i wanted to try something different... something that didn't exist. I did my reaserch and didn't find anything similar appart from the Rubber B for Panerai. It might not be in everyone's taste but it's different and that's what i like to do. Possibilities are endless as i can do whatever the customer want. Gator, ostrich, toad, python, alcantara, calf, name it! Prices will be 169$usd for calf, ostrich and toad and 199$usd for alligator. Cheers!
  6. IWC straps

    If you need a strap for your IWC, you found the right place! Here's a few i made
  7. Panerai Straps

    Panerai straps is probably what i'm doing most of the time as they're part of the DNA, easy strap change. Here's a few i made
  8. Look What I Found

    Oh my god, my eyes hurt! Even the slit on the screws are crooked! I know you can find cheaper than cheap reps but this is a notch under
  9. **EDITED** Everything now back to normal! Feel free to let me know your custom needs Hi all! As some of you might have noticed, i've been away for a moment from the board. I have a new position at work (Vice-President of north american sales) that now require alot of traveling and most of my time. As a father of a 5 yrs old boy and a husband, the little spare time i have left goes towards them. Until my custom orders book is cleared, i won't be taking any new orders. After that, i will be taking a lower volume to keep turn around time reasonable. If you have a question, feel free to ask! Cheers all! Jon
  10. So, my wife told me yesterday she would like a new watch that for once, isn't quartz. She's mostly looking for something with easy strap changes (Yes, really!) Not too bulky (she tried my pam111 and was too big for her but she likes the look) Maybe white face With a date absolutely Some numbers to read (she don't like when it's just dots and lines) Good for swimming No need to be a dress watch Oh, and no gold, she likes stainless steel So far, i was thinking about the pam 049
  11. Holy shit, i need this diver now!
  12. IWC question

    just check back and i think you are right, it was a deployant maybe...
  13. IWC question

    mine was a butterfly indeed!! Maybe the new version is with a deployant clasp Is it the triple date or single?
  14. customs issue

    Same here, had a ap safari stuck there for nearly a month and a half It came in after that Now let's just hope my package from Toro won't be stuck too :(
  15. Coucou les ami(e)s

    Bienvenue dans cette maison de fou! Il y a quelques francophone ici sur le forum Pour ma part, je suis de l'autre côté de l'océan, soit le Québec!