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  1. 5711 40th anniversary BP vs MK

    MK: http://www.ttw-1388....oducts_id=16298 BP: http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=39_199&products_id=14481 These are the standard Nautilus not the 40th Anniversary. Are we sure there are two versions of the 40th Anniversary model?! DC
  2. 5711 40th anniversary BP vs MK

    Didn't even realise there were two versions, but without seeing them I'd put money on the BP being the better of the two just based on previous experience! DC
  3. ^^^ Any TD should be able to get it for you! Mine says hi (sorry can't post thanks to PB but this link should take you to it) ...link removed... Ok screw that it doesn't work, PB are just a dreadful shower of c*nts who can't even get their own website to show my pictures never mind third party websites!!!! DC
  4. I could be wrong but I think if you click on the stupid Photobucket upgrade picture it will take you to the picture on their website so you can still see it?!? DC
  5. Yeah photobucket are c*nts, and I don't have any of the pics anymore they're all on PB. I don't have space on my phone to download all the pics I have there and don't have a laptop, so not sure if I can do anything. Tried to download a few to my phone but it downloaded the upgrade message picture, fucking bastards!! No way I'm paying $400 a year!! Maybe they will do a 180 on this whole issue when they see how many customers they lose and how few people pay the upgrade fee!! DC
  6. New (ridiculously overpriced) Patek

    Oh lord, that is beautiful!!! DC
  7. Nautilus 5711 Lite?

    Lol, let's all just stop resurrecting posts from over three years ago DC
  8. Fucking photobucket

    I don't even seem to be able to open my photos at all on the Photobucket app to download them back to my phone. They're my fucking photos and they're not letting me have them. How can that be right?!? What a bunch of funts! DC
  9. This is absolutely stunning!! I don't usually like the black on black 6263 rep, something about them just makes the flaws of the rep more noticeable than with the PN dials for example, but this just looks so spot on!! How does one go about acquiring one of these?!? DC
  10. Loving it on the Nato, such a great look! DC
  11. Joining The Patek Club (Photoshoot)

    What's your verdict mate? DC
  12. Joining The Patek Club (Photoshoot)

    You won't regret it, the steel version is a cracker... I must get around to ordering a calfskin strap for it to dress it down!! DC
  13. Joining The Patek Club (Photoshoot)

    On the contrary, budget willing, if you went for a Camille Fournet strap they do a quick release spring bar system which means no need for spring bar tools, just slide the tab over and out the strap comes! Their alligator straps are pricey (around €275) but they offer the same system on their calf leather straps which are less pricey (around €145)! DC
  14. Joining The Patek Club (Photoshoot)

    Looks superb buddy! Yes definitely closer to a 530 than a 130, the 130 is a much smaller watch (33.5mm) and thinner bezel etc. Personally on these yellow gold vintage Patek Chronographs I really like a dark brown calf strap instead of alligator, it also dresses down the gold a little... E.g. DC