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  1. I've simply not had time to copy all the images over, but I believe if you click on the pictures they do open up in Photobucket I believe!! For the sake of ease, here's the ultimate end result of this project, two 5131s, one 5131g and one 5131j... DC
  2. [Review] Patek 5119 Calatrava

    Great review, in must have missed this during my hiatus from the board. Always liked the 5119, never sure if it would suit me, but also these days I only really wear dress watches to work, and I always wear my 5227 so other watches don't really get a look in! A super piece though, wear it in good health my friend! DC
  3. Spent almost $700 on an RM rep

    Just approved QC Pics and QC Video!! All I can say is, it's a shame I can't post them here, coz it looks really good!! Stoked!! DC
  4. Spent almost $700 on an RM rep

    Obviously I'll reserve judgement on this new one until it arrives but based on pics it looks to be the best I've seen thus far in coming close to replicating the functions and look of a gen, since they're mostly skeleton dials it's hard to rep RM without using faux movement decorations. Aside from that, the RM027-02 rep was really nice in terms of quality and proportions... ... and I'm a big fan of the RM055 reps, although they use a decorated plate on front and back it does a good job of replicating the gen and there is a lot of transparency in the watch which reflects the gen very well... Thickness let's all RM reps down, but the RM011 gen is a fairly thick watch so it is perhaps the least noticeable in terms of difference to the gen, hence my excitement for this new piece! DC
  5. Spent almost $700 on an RM rep

    Haha, she's noticed that a few watches have disappeared from the DC collection so obviously I used the money from selling those didn't I... DC
  6. Spent almost $700 on an RM rep

    Didn't buy from that TD, never have, I just used their pics as they are better than any of the other TDs that are listing it! I pretty much always buy from WatchFinder! This one is obviously proving popular as there's a 15 day wait on it, annoyingly! DC
  7. Spent almost $700 on an RM rep

    It's an A7750 so working chrono too! I haven't been this stoked to receive a watch in a very long time!! DC
  8. Yeah I know, I know, I must be mental, but including shipping and PP charge this thing came to $690! But Richard Mille is crazy addictive, it pulls you in and sends you nuts to the point you are waking up in the night thinking about it. I couldn't stop coming back to this thing, so just took the plunge and pulled the trigger... I know the carbon pattern on these KVF reps isn't great right, but it's still carbon and as such it's still cool, but the main event on this watch is the fact the dial is so good and so close to gen... this is a rep of a $175,000 watch!!! Just look at those proper skeletonised date wheels, that's RM porn right there!! And the case flanks look really sharp... I hope it feels as good when it arrives as I'm hoping, as I doubt I'll get my money back in M2M haha! DC
  9. Here's the link... www.patek.com It looks like gen PP because it is gen PP! DC
  10. Pure Patek perfection... DC
  11. Can't post pics of something I haven't been able to buy yet PB, haha! But if you want pics, here's a hilarious Koala meme to tide you over (note that hilarious is a very subjective term)... DC
  12. Hi Dave 

    whats the lug size as I might have a used strap? And I'm thinking decorated movement,  have you a spare spring bar looks broke as I know there a pain I tried to undo one and it broke in my hands , 



  13. So my hatred for AP ROOs is pretty well documented, and I still dislike the overwhelming majority of them with a passion.... BUT! I have developed a fondness for the Forged Carbon Diver, which really isn't a proper Offshore is it... right? Ok, so it literally says Offshore on the back, I know I know, but it's not all huge and horrendous like the chronos!! Anyway, the Forged Carbon is the bit that I like, my penchant for Richard Mille has got me into alternate materials and really like the idea of it. So I pulled the trigger towards the end of last month, paid my money, and waited. And I'm still waiting, it appears they are out of stock and the next batch haven't yet been produced yet! Is this fates way of telling me I shouldn't buy one?! I've considered asking for something else instead but I always deliberate over a watch for ages before pulling the trigger, so I'm pretty emotionally invested already... what to do?! Anyone who owns one want to chime in with how awesome or not theirs is?! DC
  14. Cheap 5980

    Yeah, bit of a stupid scam though as they are accepting PayPal so buyer is protected anyway! DC