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  1. Your Favourite Dress Watches?

    The date wheel on the top one gave it away. It's very nice though. The guilloche on the dial also looked cheaper on the top one at first sight, but I actually think it's nicer in it's simplicity than the bottom one.
  2. Your Favourite Dress Watches?

    So which is the rep? Lol
  3. Look What I Got for $1500

    Digital? That's disappointing. Any wrist shots?
  4. Anyone else from Toronto?

    There are a few of us on here. I've never made it to a get together though, but may be able to make this one.
  5. Shinola Runwell 47mm Chrono photos

    I was in an outlet mall in the US recently and got my hands on most of their models. They're overpriced, but they are well built. The straps are particularly good quality. I wouldn't buy one at full price, but i hear they have really good sales every so often. I'd consider one at the 50% off that person mentioned.
  6. Ready to burn $15K

    This. :lmao: I like the idea but the return on investment is only lasts 45 min. max. lol :drunksing: Herpes last forever, they're the gift that keeps on giving. Just think of the stooooooooooories. Exclusive club right there. Replica AP's exist, but can you buy a replica VD? I don't think so. You'll have a gen for life! And a story to tell the grandkids! Win, win.
  7. Ready to burn $15K

    This. :lmao: I like the idea but the return on investment is only lasts 45 min. max. lol :drunksing: Herpes last forever, they're the gift that keeps on giving. Just think of the stooooooooooories.
  8. Pretty cool. All that jewelery Buzz is wearing is distracting, but frankly he can wear whatever he wants as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Why can I never find deals like these? Very nice, really can't be beat for that price.
  10. customs issue

    We are pretty good here, customs and postage aside. Hate Canada? Where would you rather be?
  11. A new Steinhart is out

    I like it. It certainly looks the part, whatever that might mean.
  12. Delivery at lightspeed from China?

    but what is in that box? Hey? Hey?
  13. New in - G.O. PanoMaticDate

    I absolutely love it. Great choice. Wear it well.
  14. Border Crossing - Canada/USA encounter

    Nice watch! Nothing that would seem to grab too much attention unless he was a watch nerd, perhaps?
  15. Border Crossing - Canada/USA encounter

    The only time a customs agent at a border crossing noticed one of my watches was at the Sarnia crossing and I was wearing a Nixon 51-30 Chronograph. It's a huge watch, and I had it dangling out the window on my left arm. It was entering the US and during the usual questions - Where are you going, how long, where are you from, etc. - he literally paused mid sentence because he noticed my watch. He blurted out 'that's a huge watch', then continued like it never happened. I laughed about it with my wife after we had passed through and I thing about that every time I cross now. I don't own that watch anymore so it's not an issue, but I won't dangle my arm out the window like that anymore either. I think like anyone else, they'll notice anything flashy. I think they like to ask questions to look for a reaction and maybe anything suspicious. What Gavox were you wearing? I know some of them tend to be colourful and maybe that got his attention.