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  1. 21st Birthday Present

    Change it to a nice leather strap, and then change the watch head as well. No, think you can try a steel bracelet on that one.
  2. They should be outed...

    You also have the people that say: 'I'll take it' and then start asking question after question about the watch, with pm intervals of an hour. and after 5 pm's say, 'ooh, the date changes at 12.05, Nvm, thank you for your answers.'
  3. They should be outed...

    IMO if you say you take it, and ask for paypal. You should just pay up. Or at least have the balls to immediately say you were wrong and changed your mind or something. Not like a lot of people read the pm and never answer leaving the seller in doubt.
  4. http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php?t=186428 there you go
  5. Dutch GTG; July 12th!!!!

    Would have loved to have made it. Unfortunately I'm partying at Balaton at that time, maybe next time! Sound lovely!
  6. They're blanked out with photoshop because it's 'not allowed' to sell fake goods on aliexpress. Mostly you can message them to ask pictures of the actual product.
  7. Found a bit cheaper store btw, haven't bought anything, but their feedback seems legit? http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1047543
  8. What's the price on these?
  9. Ummmm really

  10. Superocean 44mm - bought on M2M

    As far as I know there isn't a 21j version of this.
  11. Hazz, what a real Gentleman

    An asset to the forum! Ant has been nothing but helpfull to me!
  12. SSTEEL, top bloke!

    This stuff is great to read, how you modders keep helping eachother out! Great stuff SSTEEL!
  13. Another "what watch to take" thread...

    Take 'em all! Go crazy!