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  1. Reps usually start to show their stainless steel 'roots' especially the crown and the casework near the crown (for obvious reasons).
  2. DayDate FG 36mm

    Does this assist, Jay ?
  3. I used to hate Hooblow...but....

    You f@rkers with OCD
  4. Genuine Wrist Check October 17

    Felt the Need For Speed today.......
  5. Cheap 5980

    Go on Dave. Buy it and let the rest of us live vicariously..........
  6. Cheap 5980

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Patek-Philippe-5980-/132362203343?hash=item1ed166f0cf:g:-VYAAOSwwc1Z4L5Q Bargain of the century? Or not?
  7. Genuine Wrist Check October 17

    Strap by Aprell (on this forum)
  8. Indoor lighting doesn't do it justice.
  9. NGWD (New Gen Watch Day!)

    Should sell well over in the Middle East. Dem Arabs love anything green....................
  10. Genuine Wrist Check October 17

    That's probably the nicest Timex I've EVER seen.
  11. Thanks Brent. I love it too.
  12. Genuine Wrist Check October 17

    Not sure if I've posted this before today: Something for the lucky lady in my life. Now I need to get Kerr or Forrest to make me a satin finish strap to make it pop.