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  1. Anyone owns one of these?

    So much wrong with in my opinion. The rehaut is the size of a veladrome. The hands are wrong for the style of watch. The crown is dicky. Whats the arrow for? A lot of people like ocean7 as a brand but i havent seen any of their watches that i would consider wearing let alone wasting money on. Plenty of nicer options in the same price bracket.
  2. Got myself a present.

    Very nice mate. Congrats
  3. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    Hard to believe he's been allowed to go for so long on the geek.
  4. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    All he needs to do is find a bigger fool than himself to sell it to. That couldn't be too hard, could it? What a tosser!
  5. Breguet Tradition 7057

    Gotta say, thats bloody nice. Love the 2 x power reserve too!
  6. Hauttman 2894 Chrono Diver

    I was just looking through Instragram and saw the early bird preorder pricing on the Hauttman page. First 50 orders - $890 with a $450 deposit and balance paid prior to delivery next 50 orders - $990 with a $550 deposit and balance paid prior to delivery Next 50 after that $1090 with a $650 depositRemainder 150 of the run will be at $1490 lot of watch for under $1000!!
  7. Hauttman 2894 Chrono Diver

    Makes 2 of us I reckon the design would look great in a 3 hamder or even a gmt.
  8. I spotted this on WUS and have fallen in love. Here is a teaser pic. This has to be the best looking watch offered by a microbrand in a long time if not ever. There are hints of Genta influence with plenty of originality and its own DNA. Plus it's not another simple homage cashing in on the trend. Have a look the the polished, brushed, DLC and sandblasted surfaces. And did anyone notice the pushers? What a bloody great idea. Makes me wonder why no one thought of that before. This will be opening for pre-orders on 9th December with delivery set for February 2018. I should mention that I have absolutely no affiliation with this brand although I have had emails back and forth with the founder/owner. He comes across as helpful, genuine, knowledgeable, and polite. The price will be $1490 which may seem expensive to some but look at the design and the specs. Considering the cost of a decent replica, or even a lot of micros, I think it;s very reasonable. Also, the first 50 orders get it at $890! I will be hoping to be one of the first 50 for sure. SPECSCase: Stainless Steel 316L Dimension: Diameter 42mm, width 45mm with crown protections, total thickness: 14.60mm Crystal: Scratch resistant sapphire front and back. Dial: Engraved double layered dial . Applied metal indexes with luminescent material Hands: Custom made diamond cut hands with luminescent material. Water resistance: 200m, 20ATM Movement: Self winding movement with chronograph module (eta 2894-2) Decoration: Perlage finish with customized Rotor. Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Chronograph with Diving Reflector Crown. Strap : Hand stitched genuine shark leather and custom made silicon strap. The website - https://www.hauttman.com - states that only 100 of each variant will be produced. I also know that the first 50 orders will get a discounted price of $890! From what I gather, the pre-order is only a 50% payment with the remainder prior to delivery.I for one, will definitely be jumping in on this and would happily pay the $1490 as I think there is a lot of value in this piece. The design, dial, presentation and choice of movement make this a winner in my opinion. Here's some more pics I poached from their site, facebook and other posts. What do you guys think?
  9. Time goes bye

    Come on! That collection deserves more than one measly pic.
  10. Strap comparison opinions

    Grey looks better in my opinion
  11. Evant Tropic Diver Bronze

    No price as yet. I ran across a thread somewhere. I'll try to find it and post the link.
  12. Evant Tropic Diver Bronze

    I'd love to get my hands on a blue dial model. I'd probably consider this bronze version as well if i hadn't just ordered another bronze watch. On a side note, there's a bronze limited edition seiko turtle coming out soon as well.
  13. Evant Tropic Diver Bronze

    Great looking watch and a tough choice although I’d have to go with black as the indices on the green are just too white for a bronze diver in my opinion
  14. Farer watches

    Looks like a bulova lobster but 6 times more expensive. Nothing special in my opinion and priced stupidly.
  15. New microbrand

    That’s his 3rd or 4th model. I bought the original Baltic Shield, same case different dial, about a year ago. Great value for the money.