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  1. I bet you could practice all kinds of accents in the gulag.
  2. New Tudor...

    Blue and gold, not a fan... Of Michigan or a, however unintentional, Michigan themed watch. I'll pass.
  3. Wow. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Great story. Thanks for sharing. Just wondering, you mention one of your tertiary watches is a Pam... may I ask which model? Regards...
  5. Malio 'Macchia' on my Bronzo

    That strap pairs well with the patina on your bronzo. Very Nice!
  6. Change of opinion

    Converted to Pams. The 512 is my favorite, but I can remember when I first saw it, I was not a fan. Haven't caught the FM bug yet, but I know to never say never....
  7. This is a great Karma story! Well done to all involved, and good luck with the job search Scott. Keep shaking the trees, and eventually something good will drop out.
  8. Thanks for the review. I was waiting to place an order until all the facts were in. I'll be buying a KW. Cheers!
  9. Crooked text on Panerai Luminor

    Wow. Dyslexia.
  10. Iwc all the way. Great looking watch and a stronger following.
  11. Interview with a watchmaker

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.
  12. rep PO on ebay??

  13. Although perfect clones is a TD, I'm scared.

    Here you go, from Tits Mc Gee's insightful post about TD's.... Read it, know it, live it. Tits McGee, on 18 June 2014 - 02:51 PM, said: I've been a member of this forum for nearly 3 years now and have learned a few things about ordering from TD's. Please allow me to impart a bit of what I have learned about TD's, expectations, and this forum. I, like many noobs, jumped right in and began ordering watches from TD's BEFORE I thoroughly educated myself by reading and asking questions. I had many disappointments but in general, I've been pretty lucky. I've never had a DOA but have had a few with problems. I estimate I've ordered nearly 100 (total) new watches from all the TD's listed here. The few (6) I had problems with were ordered from dealers elsewhere. Therefore, I'll list a few of the things I ALWAYS DO now. 1) Identify, then RESEARCH the watch I want. RESEARCH means asking questions about the model I want in threads or by PM's, using the search bar on the top of every page is necessary. Establish relationships here and use the membership HERE to ask questions. I do my homework first, THEN once I'm sure I know what I want I contact a TD and inquire. Again, I always ask questions HERE first. 2) Contacting a TD and asking a question about availability requires a picture and communicating in a CLEAR and CONCISE manner. I ALWAYS send the TD a picture of what I want. I NEVER rely on their websites. In fact, I sometimes send a picture from a competitors website. I send a picture, ask specifics about the movement I want, case size, bracelet or strap, etc. No matter what your primary language is, ALWAYS send a picture of what you want. If I've done my RESEARCH, and if I've sent my PICTURE, I can almost always expect a clear answer from the TD. I have been told many many times the watch I want is unavailable. I then move on to my next TD and inquire the same way. By communicating in this manner, I have never had a TD accept my payment only to find later the watch is unavailable. Again, I've been lucky. If I've done my RESEARCH BEFORE I contact the TD, I can pretty much know what the status is before I inquire. Not always though, but the membership here is generally more than aware of who has what and is by far my best resource for information. 3) I DO NOT rely on TD's websites. Again, I DO NOT rely on TD's websites to be representative of the watch I want. I'm skeptical about QC pics also but that's just me. Have you ever seen a Burger King TV commercial where they show a real tasty burger with all the fixings? Then you go through the drive thru only to receive a cardboard box filled with slop that looks nothing like what you saw on TV. What you see on TV and TD websites is advertising. I tend to frequent restaurants my friends have told me are good. Same with the TD's. If I've done my RESEARCH correctly, I probably won't receive a bad meal. 4) I have learned to LOWER MY EXPECTATIONS. Why? Because I essentially have no recourse anyway. A TD here is simply a middleman who has earned a certain amount of trust within this forum. Nothing more. The Admins and Mods have deemed that TD is worthy to be called a TD, simply because the membership here have generally had good experiences with him. The TD's don't make the damn watches. They scoot around in the shadows of shady backstreet illegal businesses and find us higher quality watches than the open air markets. They're middlemen who generally don't carry large amounts of inventory. You ask for it and they go get it for you. Pretty simple. They're not a watch store at the mall. UPS doesn't deliver their inventory either. 5) If I have a problem with a TD or a watch I have received, I first take a PICTURE of the issue, take a deep breath, and humbly and appropriately communicate my issue to the TD. I NEVER start a thread whining about my issue. That's just plain stupid. I know that if I do that I'm pretty much on my own. There are people here who will help me IF I follow the forum guidelines. But I generally don't need their help if I've taken a PICTURE and emailed the TD and politely explained why I am not happy. I also realize the TD may not say what I want to hear. THEN I quietly contact a friend or Mod and ask for guidance. I've come to understand that this is not Macy's and I can't return a 30 day old pair of underwear for a full refund. If I have a mechanical issue, I bite the bullet and try to find a rep friendly watch smith. That is just me. Most, if not all TD's, will instruct you to send the watch back at your own expense for repair. But if I had done my RESEARCH properly beforehand I would already have known that. 6) I have learned that the TD feedback section is mostly about communication between the TD & I. I NEVER post negative feedback about post office issues. That is out of the TD's control. I NEVER post negative feedback about a TD unless I have already involved a Mod in my issue and he clears me to post. Delays in answering email inquiries after payment has been sent is a legit complaint. But I ALWAYS wait to post feedback until after I have received my watch. I never post order status reports because......who cares. We've all had to exercise patience. It's part of the deal. If I had done my RESEARCH beforehand I would have known that. If I receive a watch that is DOA or broken, I'll leave that in the feedback section (see #5). The most important thing I've found about the rep world and this forum in particular is to establish relationships, make friends, ask questions, take pictures, have thick skin, and try not to be an asshole. Even if I think I know better, I still try this approach because if I spin out of control and get my panties in a bundle....I'll have to go it alone. Edit: Text size change. All credit still goes to Tits Mc Gee for his sage advice, which I cannot link to for some reason.
  14. Ebay BS

    Can only partially answer question #1. Paypal is squarely on the buyers side. So you won't really have a chance to deny the refund. I would check his feedback rating and look for any clues that he has defrauded anyone else. That may help your case, but as a seller, you face an uphill battle. I try to work with my buyers and reach an amicable solution, but in the end, if he sends you back a dora the explorer watch, there will not be much you can do about it. Possibly small claims court, or (very unlikely) criminal fraud charges. Good Luck. Hope it all works out for you.
  15. Hardcore Pawn

    Do you live in the Detroit area. The shop is about 5 miles from where I work. Always thought about going there to see what kind of watches they have but haven't done so yet. DO IT! I would if I'm in the neighborhood. Always wanted to meet a TV celebrity (if they are around). I wouldn't go so far as to put them in the celebrity category. From what I've seen, it's an absolutely terrible show. I agree it's a terrible show, but the Ghetto folks that comes in the shop makes it Funny! It also helps deter me from ever wanting to go to Detroit. Great sports, lots of history, just not somewhere I'd want to visit. I do live in the burbs. I met Les, Seth and Ashley at a function, and talked with them at length. Say what you want about the show, but Les is a brilliant man with a helluva business sense. His book, "For What it's Worth" will never be a best seller, but is worth reading if you want to know more about the man, the business, and his family values. Seth is also a really smart, nice guy. The only issue I have with him is that he is a U of M fan. This family knows where it came from, knows its customer base, and recognizes that they need to take advantage of this 15 minutes of fame. They do have some nice things in the shop, however and lot of their nicer pieces are sold on Fleabay. It's worth a drive down there.... Check it out.