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  1. Even a Raffles dial can look awesome.

    What lacquer are you using? Aerosol?
  2. My current collection

    There ya go!
  3. That was lucky

    What bike and gear are you running? I'm a retired pro, still racing (mostly training) with the young'uns..... Keep spinning on the trainer. Get a rolled up towel and brace the cast so you don't lose as much fitness. Big thing is to keep the legs moving. ...but with 40yars behind you - you know that :-) ...oh ya - get a new helmet!
  4. Greg appoints two new dealers.

    Nearly two pages..... Payment sent!
  5. what to do advice

    +1 That's terrible. Any of the member's in bright blue are moderators/admin - send one a message and give them detailed info on your purchase.
  6. Where can I get this strap for cheap?

    How about www.bandrbands.com I've bought a bunch of different straps from them.
  7. Donerix on repgeek makes a few straps for Hublot.... not as popular as AP. you can always ask the strap makers on here to make you something custom. Good straps aren't cheap. Cheap straps aren't good :-)
  8. So this one is from Josh?
  9. What Should I do?

    cut your losses and buy a proper piece from a TD. putting more money in that watch isn't cost effective.
  10. BR03-94 rubber strap

    seriously, that's a pretty awesome gesture Serge. big thumbs up sir.
  11. B&R anyone know what kind this is?

    the rep of this piece is terrible. the finish of the case isn't good. the movement is super choppy and the dial isn't even close. find a different rep if you want something accurate....
  12. Am I daft for liking this ?

    revival from the dead..... did you buy it?
  13. Oh no I forgot to take off my watch before showering...

    $400 bux for the flashlight. holy hell and a handbasket, you are nuts.
  14. My new toy for future PAM builds arrived today...(UPDATED)

    someone's just cranked it up to 11.....
  15. Another Noob here - apols for the questions.

    be more specific. what models are you looking at specifically. then we can give you more direction.