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  1. AP ROO strap hole

    Someone made a tutorial next door http://www.replica-w...for-small-wrist
  2. Aussie Customs

    20 or so reps from China, HK, Singapore, Indonesia, US, EU no problems. Though I have heard of two seizures being mentioned on the boards before
  3. AP ROC Rep or Gen? Need help.

    They're gen. There are only two kinda decent reps of the ROC: A quartz version - flaws being incorrect subdial size and positioning (way too small and far apart), wrong shaped datewheel cutout, white date wheel A7750 version - flaws are again incorrect subdial size and positioning (too big and far apart), sec@9 instead of sec@6 None of the above ROC have those flaws. Also gen APs do sometimes come with stickers. However, it really is a bit iffy if these are the sort of photos being provided... no closeups, the black borders look like it was a screenshot of a photo on the phone, the actual image itself is also the exact same dimension as an Instagram photo
  4. AP ROC Rep or Gen? Need help.

    Gen, gen, and gen
  5. AP 15400

    None really, just treat it how you would any other 28xx movement. It's a pretty stable and reliable movement
  6. it's usually always 10 days for me
  7. TSWATCH new policy email

    Who shouldn't consider using wholesale services: - Those in high customs risk countries - Those who want a bit of peace of mind that they'll have a fully functioning rep - Those with little/none watch repair skills - And those with no local access to a decent watchmaker Who should consider using wholesale services: - Those in countries who don't usually have problems with customs - Those with adequate watch repair skills or access to a decent local watchmaker - Local dealers - Those who have never really benefited or needed after sales service simples
  8. Most accurate movement reproductions

    That would be those not so super clones like the p3000 right? Edited my post to take into consideration that
  9. Most accurate movement reproductions

    Oh yeah forgot about that one
  10. Most accurate movement reproductions

    Well to be pedantic asian clones (A2824, A2836 etc etc) based on their ETA equivalents are probably the most accurately reproduced movement... But if you're talking about in-house movements, then none have ever been reproduced - with some exceptions such as Yuki's 3135 and some PAMs. You do however get some nicely decorated ones that look like a their in-house counterparts. Some that come to mind are: P9000 - 7750 base A8500/8400 - Miyota 8215 HUB4100 - though the gen is also based off 7750
  11. Countries TDs hate shipping to

    Brazil is another one
  12. Linamarket

    Not sure what you expected. Gen stuff for rep prices? No. But the fact that there is another avenue for purchasing rep straps and bracelets that will definitely be compatible with our reps is great I've been looking for an Omega bracelet but didn't want to bother my dealer with it if I wasn't going to buy a watch
  13. Linamarket

    Looks like just the usual run of the mill rep stuff
  14. Looking for a sexy ROO with a great lume.

    All rep ROOs and indeed gen ones too have poor lume out of the box. You would need to get it relumed if you want something decent
  15. Hublot big bang Greengo

    Tbh i think you need to have a look again at the expectations you have of watches both rep and gen. I'll start with some of the assumptions you have made so far - The GreenGo you have there has an Asian 7750 movement - It's available from our dealers for around 300-400USD/180-250gbp - Bar some reps like APs, those with exotic materials like forged carbon, ones with working tourbillons, or modded reps with genuine parts on it, 600GBP+ is scam territory - Watches are generally regulated by day. A month is just too long to regulate for since just the position the watch is orientated in will affect the time keeping - The only way you can guarantee a watch to be within a particular standard out of the box - in the watch world it's the COSC standard (-4/+6 seconds a day), is to buy a gen with that guarantee from the manufacturer. Hublot is not even certified - With that said, it's very easy for yourself or any decent watchmaker to regulate a watch, be it a $200 rep to a $50,000 gen to within COSC standards - If you want dead on accuracy, it's best you go for a quartz Happy hunting