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  1. New week wrist check w/c 9th October

    Off work this week so get to wear some of my nicer watches without scratching em all up. Today was the TC.
  2. 20% OFF @ Timex.com

    So of course I spend half an hour going through all of their watches and pick one that will make a great beater only to find that it is on the list of "not eligible" for the discount. Another un-needed spend averted
  3. Geckota Vintage Diver

    Well this one is more my style but only a bloody kickstarter at this stage so maybe one day they'll have one ready for off the shelf purchase.
  4. Yeah Raffles was going to be my offer of advice but you'll have to buy the whole clasp. http://rafflesdials.com/watch-clasp/
  5. New Week Wrist Check 25th September 2017

    Yeah it's another bloody Sub but I still love em.
  6. Not a PN in my opinion

    " It was given to my grandson by a friend who said it belonged to his grandfather. " Yeah this sort of thing happens all the time.
  7. YORKSHIRE summer GTG 2017

    It that you Stu hiding on the left, the only bloke with a FULL beer?
  8. Lost the coronet on my 116600 bracelet clasp

    Try Rafflels. http://rafflesdials.com/watch-clasp/
  9. Hello From Australia

    Na probably not, time and skill costs and most people don't want to pay for it, ask anyone in business and they'll tell you just that. I'd probably be the same if I was a watchmaker as to offer a service you have to be confident that the job will not need to come back. That's why when you take your car to the mechanic and ask him to just fix that one sticky valve he will say no it'll need a full valve train service as he knows that if another valve fails a week later you will come back to him demanding your money back. I'm afraid we have to learn ourselves or be prepared to send our watches OS to have work done which in most cases is not really economical.
  10. Hello From Australia

    I've been hanging around the forums for years and still haven't found anyone reliable and recommended that's local to work on Reps. I do my own tinkering or sell off broken watches cheap
  11. submariner black dial date noob

    What no serious replies? Why can't everyone be freinds? But.....................................WTF does this even mean? " who have noob and 1:1 last ones ? "
  12. New week Wrist Check 11 Sept 17

    The BB in Brisbane.
  13. A Rolex (rep) as a graduation gift

    Yes I too recommend the Steinharts, check them out.
  14. A Rolex (rep) as a graduation gift

    Chances are that it won't really have a swiss movement but I personaly wouldn't buy a Rep for any milestone in life. I have a Quartz Seikos and Pulsar and both were for particular reasons but becaue of those reasons they are more valuable to me than any of my reps. I's a gift from you parents just buy a nice Seiko or similar and keep it forever.
  15. I've become too jaded to respond

    Well a bloke next door is starting to get pissed with me as I'm not taking his concern about the huge paint defect on his QC seriously https://forum.replica-watch.info/threads/is-this-paint-defect-on-my-qc-bad.391796/#post-3638373