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  1. Jeweller refused to pressure test

    Mate where did you take it, Mister Minuite? The mall "jewelers" are retailers who generaly send anything else except battery changes to "their head office". Try a proper watchmaker.
  2. Rolex reps made with 904L steel

    Yes so i guess we will hear from the "experts" that will tell us how obvious a difference there is and that they can tell from across the room but I doubt that anyone can tell the difference unless in a laboratory type environment and with specific lighting. Another excuse to raise the prices a touch more without any real justification.
  3. New week wristcheck 14th August 2017

    Today with the TC.
  4. I really worry about some members.

    Ah yes my complaints are nil compared with what you guys must endure.
  5. I really worry about some members.

    Well mate when you've been married as long as I have then what you say is sort of right.
  6. I really worry about some members.

    Reg you must have the patience of a saint to put up with this on a regular basis, I can barely put up with it once or twice a year.
  7. So I list a couple of cheap watches with the very first line of my description being this: " Up today as a pair (sorry but not worth it to spit em up) " So what does the first guy to respond PM me? " How much for newman " Fuck me why do we bother.
  8. New week wrist check 24th July 2017

    Can't seem to get this one off lately, ticks so many boxes for me.
  9. What's your take on this one?

    Like it very much except for the two "rivets" on the dial.
  10. New Week Wrist Check - 17th July 2017

    Last one for the week.
  11. Watch Gang Platinum

    It's all about possessing a thing of engineering and design beauty so renting anything will never satisfy as I need to own it to fully enjoy.
  12. Something wrong...?

    I came here years ago with the usual new guy lust for a Rollie Sub and my first Rep was a BK Sub and after those years of buying and selling and trying many brands and styles I have now matured to the sophisticated experienced collector and find that my favorite watch is a Rollie Sub. Could have myself a lot of time and money.
  13. YORKSHIRE summer GTG 2017

    Would love to come over and meet you Poms but I'd need a can opener and a parachute if I found myself committed to a 21 hour flight.
  14. Heads up - Fossil Sale

    Some nice watches there.