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  1. Watch on bracelet for my son

    Seiko is always the answer..
  2. Look What I Got for $1500

    You are made out of stainless steel...?
  3. Look What I Got for $1500

    Stop posting and get on wit yer dishes, boi....’til you saved up for that appliance as well....
  4. Not entirely sure if this is a scam...........

    Dude; it's just (another!) effed up Rolex...leave it to Rolex to fuck up their watches straight from their production line...they've proven themselves to be quite capable of that without the need for any external help...
  5. I really worry about some members.

    I have yet to make my first sales post in M2M, as I'm primarily buying stuff....and the only bad buying experiences I ever had was from a few TDs, who shall remain anonymous in this context. But then again, I tend to steer clear of doing any sort of transaction with asshats...which is usually very obvious from the first few lines of communication...
  6. Opinions welcomed... getting the PAM itch again

    Pams? You just need one, really: Anyone you prefer initially will do. I do have several, tho'...just don't ask me why, as I have absolutely no sensible answer at hand, other than it seemed like a really good idea at time of acquisition...;)
  7. Own up, who else wears two watches?

    That just makes him the King Jerk-of-all-trades....;)
  8. Own up, who else wears two watches?

    ...just about as pathetic as the owner. Mic drop....;)
  9. Results of Watch Gang Subscription

    To each his own. It is your money, AP.
  10. Results of Watch Gang Subscription

    I'm sorry OP, but in every conceivable way that is just a ragged-arse lookin' POS....and whether the 'in-the-know' self-hyped-up proselytes estimate it at 300 or 700 bucks offers no real quantifiable value whatsoever to alter my opinion on that. It is just shite. Get out while you're ahead...;)
  11. I really worry about some members.

    There is a subtle, yet important distinction to be made btw. ignorance and stupidity; the first can (occasionally) be solved by filling in the apparent information gap, whereas the latter is a non-starter alltogether...
  12. Eyebleach Warning

    Don't be shy now, Just take 'em as they come, yeah...?!
  13. Eyebleach Warning

  14. 114060 Submariner No Date Replicas - Opinions?

    Everything Wrigg said! PS: You're welcome...;)
  15. The apocalypse!!! It's coming.....

    This is not the time, Onze. Seriously, get off it. -, Dude....?! :fme: :fme: :fme: ...I want my member ID back. Onze; now go post in Section 8...it needs a bit of tender loff'n'affection. And possibly titties...