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  1. Rolex reps made with 904L steel

    I am not a Daytone-guy so this release does not make any waves for me. Will wait for the sub, probably I will never buy a real 904 thing, but I am somehow curious about this metal so rep sub will fulfil it.
  2. Rolex Datejust 41 vs Datejust 2

    There are also the reps of this model in $900 level. The difference is in a thickness of gold wrapping. Though I've never owned any gold wrapped watch , so can't tell how does it stand. Subscribed to hear opinion of others. OP, many TDs confuse the DJ41 with DJ2 but looks like you know all of this stuff:) Stay with ETA. 3235 does operate the hands in a same way as ETA (in opposite to 3135).
  3. Omega PO bezel not centered

    OP, give it good and long blow of hot air from a hairdryer, however u still need to be very careful when removing the ceramic insert. You will manage it DIY:)
  4. And I forgot to mention there is a difference in a bezel click sound between 3135 case and 2836 case. Don't understand how is that possible as both do have gen bezel assembly, but 2836 sound is more muted.
  5. Yes, 3135 CGs are considered as most per gen. I've seen the builds 3135+Eta being sold next door, though I do not know the details how to do it.
  6. I do have both and 3135 is noticable quiter, however both watches are just few days old. Also note that the movement determines the CGs shape, Top is 2836, bottom 3135 pic borrowed from next door
  7. Omega 8500 Movement

    Hi Scott, Sadly there is no such a thing like 8500 clonned movement. You can find various Eta/Miyotas decorated for 8500, but technically there is no way for jumping hour hand, 8500 date setting and so on. Imo, the nicest 8500 decoration has this fantasy watch from JHF http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_114&products_id=15704
  8. There is also a 3rd type - A3135, but they are not a clone, technically it's eta plus 3135 deco
  9. Currently there are two types of clones - SA3135 and SH3135. SA - as you remember and had said - they used to be dirty and could broke quite easily, I've seen post that now they are quite clear. Big con of SA is that it does not take almost any of gen parts, once broken -> put it in a bin -> buy a new replacement SA. SH - which is Yuki plus nicer decoration. I read ppl are rather happy with them out of the box. SH takes gen parts expect the Rollie balance.
  10. I Found Another One

    WTF is that???
  11. My new Helenarou 6538 Big Crown Submariner

    Have no idea does the rivet bracelet makes it period correct but I like how it looks! Do you mind sharing the cost?
  12. NooB introduction

    Welcome Jason :)
  13. Hello from SoCal

    Haha, that will definitely change soon :D Welcome, and what brands are you interested in?
  14. Rolex 116610 Hulk gen or not

    Out of curiosity, what will happen if this is a stolen watch? RSC will confiscate it, or they do not care ?
  15. Andrew and Trusty Time

    Wrong section bro