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  1. BKLM1234. MARTY DOBSON HERE. I just want to make sure you got my email today on me wanting to buy a replica Rolex submarine blue dial watch ? i sent email to you at 2 different email address  and want to make sure you are you if that makes since. you responded from one email. also need a ship date after I pay with Visa card . I live in USA. THANKS. MARTY

  2. Noob Daydate II quality

    It's completely untrue that the noobfactory doesn't make DJ2's or DD2's. The noobfactory makes DJ2's and DD2's. Period. That fact that Joshua and Andrew don't carry or can't get noob DJ2 or DD2 doesn't mean the noobfactory doesn't make them. And then the noobfactory makes some DJ2 and DD2 models that the BP factory doesn't and vice versa. Puretime's website essentially has the full catalog of what DJ2's and DD2's the noobfactory makes. Don't spread the rumor that the noobfactory doesn't make DJ2 or DD2 any further please. bk
  3. +ve feedback. FunkyTang is a great buyer. Sold him a GMT IIC.

  4. New Black Sub :(

    My motivation for all my mods are aesthetics driven. DWO is for aesthetics. Refitting the insert and crystal properly is for aesthetics. Crystal gasket is also for aesthetics. My original reason for doing the crystal gasket wasn't for waterproofing. It's to get the crystal to sit lower (and even) but not low to the point it's below the insert. When I did that, the stock gasket "haired" out, strands of fiber got squeezed out. I needed a better gasket. My priority is on looks, not technical stuff such as waterproofing my friend. You got me so wrong. Also lining up the 12 o'clock marker to the engraved coronet on the rehaut, that's for looks. Your conclusion is really hurting me, at least my feelings. I work really hard and price my watches extra for my mods which I discount the labor. You haven't seen enough unmodded DSSDs, GMT IICs, sub-c's etc, nowhere near the number I deal with. All kind of shit can happen on these reps. I buy extra cases, bracelets, etc to swap out many bad components from the reps before I sell them. Just last night I replaced all the SELs on 6 DSSDs because they had such gaps with the lugs. You have no idea how mine got improved. bk
  5. New Black Sub :(

    @jmac3789: You did a very cruel thing to a dealer. You paid $30 extra for me to pressure test your PAM111. I tested 7 PAM111s to find one that passed 3 ATM (I never do more than 3 ATM). I take the money and do the job. Why it leaked on your hand I have no idea. When you told me it leaked, I took it back. I didn't hint it could be your fault, a user error. When I got the watch, you got superglue all over the crown guard. Superglue's fume can mess up a crystal's gasket. I still didn't say it could be your fault. I'd rather have a happy customer. I replaced the watch free, which is above and beyond what I should do. Just because you paid $30 to pressure test the watch doesn't mean it's a warranty. Why would it be a warranty? No jeweler assumes this kind of liability when he tests a watch. There's no reason for me to charge that little and run the risk of having to replace a $298 watch. It's not like I run an insurance company with which I collect lots of insurance premiums to compensate for relative small number of claims. I'm being nice and you brought this up as if I did something awful to you. You should thank me instead of totally did the opposite. I only said: "I got it (responding to your question whether I got the PAM back). Yikes the super glue made a mess. Also the dial and hands got irreversible damage. The movement is suspect also. Pretty much a total loss." I think I'm pretty cool handling the whole thing. I absorbed the loss of the PAM111, not you. I fully credited the full amount to you. You lost nothing and you had to bad mouth me here? Your sub-c pearl alignment could be lighting. Move around and you will see a different alignment. Even if it's misaligned, it should only be slightly off. Everybody, let it be clear BK already filters out poorly centered pearls. I buy spare inserts out of my own pocket to swap onto my watches because the factory doesn't exchange a watch just because it has an uncentered pearl. All in all my pearls are well centered generally speaking. I never say my pearls are PERFECTLY centered. No one can do that. And the triangle has excess paint on the edge. Take a wooden toothpick to scrape it off. I've taken care of your issues (lost CG screw and leak) courteously and quickly. It wouldn't be different this time if you don't manage to get the excess paint off. It's not like I didn't respond to your PM. You PM'd me 8am today. I replied you at 6pm. Why are you so malicious to publicly chastise me? You want spotlight? You got it. Are you happy now? @LightGeek: wow. You've been bad-mouthing all over, haven't you? Why don't you do a DWO swap and a crystal gasket swap yourself? My DSSD and GMT IIC got those mods. I'd like to see how you can save more money. I'm sure I good for more than three things. bk
  6. Hey Bk, i am interested in your watches can you hit me up with the prices and your payment options?

  7. Mickey Padge asked me to fix up his 42mm Exp2. I'm not covering the 1st part of the fix which was to rotate the dial so it's in the correct x-y axis (Mickey himself did that) and re-attaching the DWO to it (I got my watchsmith partner to do it). This post is about popping and re-installing the crystal so the cyclop is lined up to the date window. First, double-tape up the lugs Stick a utility blad between the case and the bezel Use a mallet to pound the utiltiy blade in like I did on this 39mm exp2 You'll get a gap when the blade got all the way in You can then use a caseback knife to pry off the bezel Bezel is now off the case You wouldn't scratch the lugs. Scratches are all under the bezel so no problem there You need to use a press to press DOWN (not UP) on the crystal to get it out of the bezel. It's very tight. Now put back the gut. Line up 12 o'clock to the engraved coronet on the rehaut Wipe clean the crystal, fit it on the gasket, put them on the watch Crystal and gasket are on the watch squarely Position the bezel on the watch Press the bezel down with a press Finished. But crap!! The bezel shifted. It's not lined up properly to the dial. M***ER F**K*R! Start over. Finally done and lined up. This time I was holding the bezel as I advanced the press so it wouldn't shift. Should have done that in the first place. Happy modding. -bk
  8. Cool custom strap for rollies

    My friend is making some really cool straps. Check out his web http://everestbands.com/ bk
  9. That's the new exp 16570 that's already carried by Josh, Andrew, Angus, etc. bk
  10. There are sub, YM, and Exp2 reps in gen construction. There was never a GMT II 16710 in gen construction. Just when I planned to do a gen style GMT II 16710 using the noobfactory Exp2 case and wm9 bezel assembly, the noobfactory terminated production of both the GMT II and Exp2. Sneed12 had the same idea and did one with the noobfactory Exp2 I believe. With the new SL'd 40mm Exp2, it's possible to make an awesome gen style GMT II 16710 case again. It's even easier than using the noobfactory Exp2. Stick a utility razor blade between the Exp2 bezel and the case Pound on the razor blade with a mallet to open a gap The bezel comes off, usually together with the crystal and gasket. Use a crystal press to push the crystal down and off the bezel. Don't push the crystal off from below. That ruins the gasket and possibly break the little ridge on the underside of the crystal Now you have the bare case Notice gen style crystal has an interlocking ridge on the underside Here's the part why this case is easier to make a gen style GMT II case than the noobfactory Exp2 case You can just get a 2.35mm crystal gasket and install the crystal and retaining ring. The TW sub bezel assembly is perfect for this project. With a Clark bi-directional click spring, the bezel turns both directions like a GMT II bezel should Snap on a JewelryOutlet990 pepsi insert. CGs was trimmed. Voila, a gen style, high quality GMT II 16710. Perfect fit, perfect crystal height. Very easy. bk
  11. 1 to 1 YM case set

    Finally found time to take some pics of this YM case set. It comes from Taiwan. It's primarily a straight copy of the gen YM case. It's cut for gen dial. Rep dial is a little too big to fit in it because rep dial (such as wm9, noob, TW Best) has extra wide edge beyond the minute markers. It has to be trimmed smaller to fit in this case. The crown position is exact to gen. It can take gen movement, SA3135 movement, ETA 2824-2, and ETA 2892-a2. ETA 2836-2 is simply too thick and therefore its crown hole cannot line up with this case's tube hole within tolerance. This case set has appeared at Sean's website. I put one of Sean's YMs together for a member using a ETA 2824-2 H4 (high cannon pin), wm9 YM dial, noob YM hand set. The member custom made the movement ring for the ETA. It's the same case set as this one. Some pics: Dark ring of shadow where the crystal meets the top of the rehaut - a signature look and indication of gen construction. Later I will tear the case set apart to show you the actual construction Practically identical to gen CGs. Crown is very good, just like wm9's. Let's look at the insert. Very high quality. Frosty area is little more frosty than wm9 YM insert's. Dial. Color is very good. Not dark like the TW Best YM dial. Very similar to the wm9 YM dial except the red text is less bold, and maybe a little less grits/specks on the face. The dial has feet for Rolex 3135 movement Hands. They should fit 3135 movement.http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m309/bklm1234/1%20to%201%20YM%20case%20set/IMG_1023.jpg[/img] Crown position. High and correct, the grail. Clasp and bracelet. Very nice, also just like wm9's. It doesn't have 2mm end link holes though, unlike wm9's bracelet. It uses 1.76mm springbars. Here's an analysis I posted before on the case set. This YM vs wm9's YM case: look identical on the outside bezel: 2.15mm vs 2.15mm, look identical crystal retaining ring: 2.5mm vs 2.5mm, look identical spring plate: 0.18mm vs 0.15mm, difference rather negligible spring wire: same crystal: 2.03mm vs ~2mm, basically same thickness. Both have sharp top edge. Cyclop mag looks the same as other rep's. Etched crown at 6 is also as loud as wm9's. crystal gasket: 2.38mm vs 2.7-2.9mm, both are wrong. It should be 2.3mm crown and tube: this crown and wm9 crown are just as good. This case's tube even has the same tube design which works with Rolex special tube installing tool. Summary: This YM case set is good as wm9 YM case set. Same gen construction, same crown hole position, same shape, same CGs. It's a 1:1 copy of gen with no alteration to take a rep dial. The finish is excellent outside AND inside. wm9's finish on the inside are sharp and rough but outside is excellent. Sean's bezel insert has more glitter/"frost" than wm9's. The bracelets are almost the same except this YM uses 1.76mm spring bars instead of the full sized 2mm spring bars. You can drop a Rolex 3135 or SA3135 movement in directly. If you want to use ETA movement, you need to trim the dial feet off, get a set of ETA hands, get a movement ring for ETA, and get a DWO. bk
  12. hi BK, I'd like to see your watches but I can't find your website. could you help me ?

  13. @MikeMcNair's Watch Repair: was on vacation but did reply after my vacation didn't I?
  14. I want to add: I work on every watch I sell personally. I don't offer a lot of models and I don't sell a lot of watches as you can imagine. I don't make issues up to scare people and get them to buy from me. I just can't stand the flaws. I have to fix them, well within my ability and reasonable cost. Every rep is a lot of work to get right or better. This includes even the wm9 and TW sub. I can guarantee if you were to put in the same work/mods, you will end up paying a lot more than what I charge for my watches. bk